Monotheism V/S Polytheism Argumentative Essay Examples

Published: 2021-06-21 23:38:43
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Which practice do you believe resonate more with human nature? Why? Why not?
I believe most human beings are stuck to Monotheism; the belief of a single god. People believe in a god who is considered a supreme being with natural powers. The single god is self-sufficient and does not depend on any other living thing. Monotheism is considered to be exclusive in nature as it does not believe that other gods exist. Human nature resonate more with Monotheism as it seems to ignore the chances of existence of other gods (Peter 2011).
I tend to disagree with polytheism since it dwells with beliefs in more than one god. Many human beings will avoid the belief as it they are different versions of faith and existence of many gods who brings more confusion to an individual belief. Monotheism will disagree in beliefs towards other gods and they consider such a scenario as an aspect of incarnation. Monotheism makes human nature to be less tolerance to religion and always have a feeling that a supreme being is in control of all activities.
Is there a negative/positive aspect to worshiping multiple gods?
The negative aspect of worshipping multiple gods is that it creates a sense of complexity that results to development of a lesser status. Most of the gods of polytheism are unpredictable and they can include demons, ancestors, wights and many others. The worship of many gods cancels the consistency in beliefs due to the numerous versions of many gods (Peter 2011). Many people who believes in many gods finds themselves in confused states as they cannot fully rely on the gods since they are not specific on which god they worship. This has affected the firm beliefs of polytheist and in most chances their beliefs will remain inconsistent and less powerful.
Baofu, Peter. (2011). The Future of Post-Human Religion: A Preface to a New Theory of Spirituality. Cambridge International Science Pub.

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