Min. Wage Db3- Peer Post 2 Creative Writing Sample

Published: 2021-06-21 23:50:03
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The breakdown of warrant/reasons for the article by Henderson that I came up with is almost similar to that of Hamel. There are many similarities than differences. He has given four reasons while I have given five reasons. His first reason for increasing minimum wage is that, it creates unemployment. On the other hand, my first reason for minimum wage is that it leads to loss of jobs which is a similar thing. In addition, we have provided similar evidence that increasing minimum wage bill by 10 percent will reduce employment by 1 to 2 percent according to minimum wage studies comprehensive survey. The ideas for the first reasons we have come up with are similar but what is different is our wording.
The second reason that is, raising minimum wage encourages the teenagers to drop out of school, which he has given is also similar to mine. On the evidence, we have the same general idea, but worded differently. The third reason that we have both come up with is also similar that is, increasing minimum wage hurts the poor. We have a similar idea on the evidence we have provided but what is different is the wording.
We have both given a similar reason number four. The only difference is that we have worded them differently. He is short and clear in his reason whereas I have elaborated my reason with a few sentences. Moreover, the evidence we have provided are different. However, these evidences back our reasons. Generally, our breakdowns of warrant/reasons for the article by Henderson are almost similar. The only difference is that I have provided five reasons while he has provided four. In addition, in my post and worksheet I have elaborated my reasons into details which is not the case in Hamel’s post and worksheet.

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