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Published: 2021-06-21 23:42:52
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This delicate issue needs a very mature approach. If I commit any mistake regarding John’s situation, I might end up making matters worse for both John and the company. What I will do is performing substantive preparations including the questions I will ask him. What I will be keen about is preventing depressing him more. He is in a delicate situation, which I understand. I will make sure I let him know everything I think will be of great help towards his mental health. I will keep the discussion informal to create a free environment where interaction will not be limited
At Stake/Risk
For me (Claire): there are quite a number of issues at stake. I am prepared to air everything that I feel will help him improve his mental health, but I am unsure of his response. I may end up helping him if the discussion goes as planned, or grieving him more if the reverse holds. I may also worsen my image in the company because the other employees may complain about this special treatment towards John. My reputation may worsen more since many employees now feel being alienated. I just hope I will get the best out of the discussion.
For John: The issue at stake regarding John his mental health. I want tell him about making his mental health public, but I do not know how he will react towards this. Johns work is at risk. Management is pushing towards “managing him out” but according to me, this is not right.
John’s Arguments
John is determined to continue holding his mental health as a secret. He will argue against making it public to management and fellow colleagues. He feels that making it public will increase the problem since his fellow mates might consider him incompetent and no longer valuable to the company. The management may also decide to terminate him upon learning about his condition something he does not want to arise.
Claire’s Reasonable Response
John, I know it will be a bit difficult but try understanding me. By making it public, your colleagues will understand why you are receiving special treatment. It will change their perceptions and even allow for more of that kind. Management will understand why our company’s performance has failed and may advise on availing more support to help you out of your situation.
How To Conduct the Meeting
I will make it confidential between us since John does not want his fellow colleagues to know about it. In the meeting, I will ensure John feels at home to have his full story. I will try as much as possible to make him understand my proposals and how advantageous they will be.
Scenario A
Preparation for Meeting
I will jot down all points regarding John’s mental problems and how they are related to our company’s recent poor performance.
At stake/risk
Claire: I am not sure whether I will convince Mandy and Sunil, but I will try as much as possible. My reputation is also at risk. If they win the case, they may conclude that I have turned incompetent.
Mandy and Sunil: They are after getting a comprehensive explanation regarding employees’ complaints of unequal treatment and the company’s recent poor performance.
Main Arguments From Mandy And Sunil
They may argue against retaining John since according to them; he is no longer productive. A company retains only those it deems fit to help it in achieving its business goals. John is no longer in that bracket. By phasing him out, complaints will stop, and the company’s profitability may increase by hiring a better individual to execute his duties.
Claire’s Persuasive Response
Employees are complaining, but the fair treatment towards John is due to mental problems he is experiencing. “Managing him out” will not be a solution to the company’s recent poor performance. It may turn out being expensive.
What To Say To Mandy And Sunil
John is experiencing mental problems something common to any human being. What he needs now is being shown that he is still relevant to the company. His fellow employees are complaining of unfair treatment and, I cannot say no. I am not doing it maliciously, but with the aim of rejuvenating a valuable asset to the company. What I need is your full support to get the best out of him. Moreover, training a new employee to carry is duties are more expensive compared to investing in solving his mental problems. Phasing him out will be a costly move, which the company will live to regret.
Scenario B
John wants to keep the matter secret between us. This will be a difficult meeting, but I will keep everything in secrecy. What I will ensure in the meeting is confidence regarding the problems the company is facing with John. I will approach them on equal terms regarding this matter and assure them of my ability to solve it.
At stake/risk:
Claire: I am not sure whether I will convince them now that the truth will not be told. If I fail to convince them, they may doubt my ability of running a business. My job together with that of John will be at risk. My reputation may further decline if they decide terminating John’s contract.
John: John’s job contract is at risk. It depends on the direction our discussion will take
Sunil and Mandy: Getting to know the exact matter I am claiming to be under control. Their decisions are also at stake since they will determine the company’s change of events. May be negative, or positive regarding the decision they will make
Mandy and Sunil’s Main Arguments
The two might be against my decisions because they know nothing regarding John’s poor performance and why he is receiving better treatment. They may choose not to assume everything is under control while the company is performing poorly. Since they do not know the reason, they might decide terminating John’s contract.
Claire’s Response
Consider terminating his contract as a last option because John is more than an asset to the company. Although you do not know the reasons, trust me to bring everything back on track
What to Say to Mandy and Sunil
Everything is under control and in a few weeks, we will be back on track. Let John’s past performance and loyalty explain his relevance to the company. What I need is a few more weeks to bring everything back on track. For your information, everything is under control and what I need is trust

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