Marketing: Pricing, Ethics, Technology, Public Relations Case Studies Example

Published: 2021-06-21 23:43:08
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Business ethics should be part of any organization, which will ensure that any activities carried out are with respect to then code of conduct of the whole society at large. Upon implementing some policies, it is important to consider the effects to the people, who are the main target of any business.
Pertaining the employment of vending achiness that are installed with temperature reader computer detectors, can be a good source of revenue to the business. However, once implemented, there will be ethical questions that might render it difficult for the buyers to purchase the equipment/good/service of subject matter. The question pertaining natural happening with relation to price fluctuation might render it difficult for the consumers to adopt.
Thus, deploying the technology to all machines might be a risk that the business might cost the business. Instead, the business should first deploy the vendors in different occasions to determine the rate at which the consumers will adopt and if it will be of advantage to the business. The reaction of the customers at different temperature conditions and price fluctuation will determine whether the business should deploy the vendors or not.
With implementation of this vendor, there is a potential backlash that the organization might face and it might prove to be hard to manage. This is because, once the consumers are not pleased with the changes they will find another way out, thus, convincing them after correcting the situation might be hard. The organization will face a shift of consumers who will end up to other providers. The fear of temperature fluctuation coming with increased charges will put away anyone who was once interested in the organization’s product.
In conclusion, ethical issues should come first in any marketing situation. Seeking opinion of implementing a decision is important, in terms of pricing and the use of technology, to avoid any risks the business might be exposing itself to.

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