Managment Non Profit Orginazations Course Work Example

Published: 2021-06-21 23:49:08
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Management nonprofit organizations
Question A
The goals to be developed from the mission statement should be smart: specific, measurable, attainable and ambitious, reflect on the mission statement and needs to be time bound. The following goals can be developed.
- All students at the hyper valley school will become proficient readers, speakers, listeners and writers of English within four years of enrolling at the school.
- Students talented in co-curricular activities will have been given a chance to prove their abilities by the age of 15.
Question B
The PTA will have to increase the number of teachers at the school and avail any needed teaching and learning materials. They will also have to create a good teaching/learning environment by ensuring that any complaint raised by the teachers or students is adequately addressed. They may also have to create a common pool of funds that will cater for the students who engage in athletic and social events. May also appoint one of the members to closely monitor and ensure that all students are treated equally and fairly. They need to set academic standards that teachers and students must meet.
Question C
I would change it to ensure that it captures the aspect of parents and also the future life of the students. The new mission would be, To provide support for the classroom teacher to ensure that each student attains academic excellence equal to his/her ability, enforce parents interest to the best of our ability, give students equal opportunities to participate in school-sponsored athletic and social activities and link the best performers to the outside world. It reflects that the association is not only concerned about the students’ current affairs but also future life as well as parents’ hassles.

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