Managing Change In Organizations Course Work Example

Published: 2021-06-21 23:48:56
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Organizational change is so difficult for organizations because it requires a new set of capabilities that must be realigned with core elements of the organization. The changes must be able to be applied in a variety of situations successfully. Organizational change requires planning and becoming prepared to meet inherent challenges. The major challenges are to initiate the change, maintain an environment that facilitates change, and getting change integrated and sustained in the organization. Organizational change requires effective leadership structures and plans to be effective (Mattiske, 2012).

Human Resource (HR) specialists can assist in making change easier. HR specialists link people, satisfaction, and productivity through improving readiness for change. HR specialists mobilize individual change which is necessary for any change to be successful in delivering value to the organization. They support employees in making the transition. HR specialists make change easier because they have unique relationships to the organizational change. This makes easier for them to create awareness to employees on the need for the change and build in them the desire to participate and support the change (Kalyani & Sahoo, 2011).

Human Resource prepares employees for change that is involved with moving from a domestic assignment to an overseas assignment by use of resourcing and training. Resourcing involves recruiting and selecting employees with the level of performance that is needed in the different environment. HR ensures that the selected employees meet the requirements of the overseas assignment, such as interaction with the different culture and language. HR obtains residence and work permits of the employee and in some cases with the family in the host country.

HR offers training to employees expecting to move to an overseas assignment. The nature of training depends on personal characteristics of an employee. This training can involve the host country’s culture or the connection of the company’s objectives with that of the overseas assignment (Couzins, 2004).


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