Major Concepts Of Group Behavior Course Work Examples

Published: 2021-06-21 23:45:56
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Groups and teams are a major part of any organization. It is important for managers to understand the behavior and nature of groups so that they can better manage them. This is because most of the functions in an organization require a great extent of teamwork and coordination if they are to run smoothly (Chaneta, 2009). Group pressures greatly influence the behavior of the members, and thus their overall work performance. This paper, therefore, concentrates on the major concepts of group behavior.

One of the key issues influencing group behavior is the size of a group (Chaneta, 2009). Large groups require a higher degree of formalization compared to smaller groups because it is much harder to control a large group. Large groups also pay more attention to the needs of the group as opposed to individual needs. With a larger group, it is necessary to put up clear lines of communication because relay of information can be disorganized if many members are involved without any coordination. The purpose of a group is another concept that influences its behavior (Chaneta, 2009). If a group is work related, they are often required to focus their attention on specific problems that are of a short term nature.

These tasks are allocated a time limit or deadline, thus requiring these groups to have a high level of coordination. Lastly, another concept that influences a group’s behavior is the nature of the task that a group is handling (Chaneta, 2009). A group can have tasks that involve creation of new ideas, solving problems, implementing new ideas, closing deals with customers. The tasks may also be ongoing or repetitive. A task that is specific may require different levels of input from different members compared with a generally stated problem, which may require clarifications to questions asked. Understanding these qualities can help managers to handle groups according to their size, tasks allocated, and purpose. This will enable optimal performance of an organization.


Chaneta, I. (2009). Groups and Group Behavior. Journal of Comprehensive Research , 32-39.

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