Leading A Local Congregation Based On Stewardship And Institutional Development Book Review Sample

Published: 2021-06-21 23:41:11
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The issues highlighted in the book corroborate with my ministry setting. New hope church has brought all of them together in the United States. The lesson from such a situation is that there is optimism in life irrespective of the challenges in life. People should learn to have hope and not loose be pessimistic about tomorrow in hard and trying times. With the help of good shepherd evangelical covenant church the Korean Americans built a congregation. The lesson a person can learn from this is there are compassionate and selfless people; and can help each other. People can learn that not everybody is bad, unlike the war that that had happened in their homes, there were other people who were willing to help.
Vital information is also presented in the text concerning team building in churches. The author affirms that team building in churches is an integral facet that enables pastors grow in their spiritual calling. Team building is also said to integrate members of a church together so as to facilitate their deeper relationship not only among themselves but also with their creator. I have learnt from the text that effective team building is enhanced when continued meetings among the leaders is promoted and ensuring that church members meet to deliberate and meditate on the word of God through sessions such as Bible studies as this will enhance discipleship, friendship and unity in the church.
The concept of team building and compassionate change need to be implemented not only in the Methodist church but also in the settings of Korean Americans among others. The ministry setting of Korean Americans indicates that most people go to church to have fellowship, maintain their cultural tradition, social status and positions. The book also shows that most members have a problem with weekday activities because they work all through the week. This shows that people are more worried about their work and not committed or passionate about church. However, most of them are not well off and they have to struggle to meet their daily needs. Korean Americans are people who love to go to church and pray. This is the only way they will be able to maintain their tradition in an otherwise different background.
McGriff, E. Carver, and M. Kent Millard. The passion driven congregation. Nashville, TN: Abingdon Press. 2003. Print.

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