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Published: 2021-06-21 23:45:47
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- What seems to have motivated the Israelis to create the separation wall, the settlements in the occupied West Bank, and the expansion in the East Jerusalem? What justifications are used for expansion?

Israelis created a separation wall within the West Bank for the purpose of security. Along with the security, the geopolitical and demographic and religious considerations were also there for building a separation wall. The separation wall ensures the justice, security and law and order situation in the city for the Jews. The city “Jerusalem” is controlled under the policies and strategies implemented in early 1960’s or 1970’s. The construction of a wall has wrapped the inner side of West Bank and also the East Jerusalem. This wall covers many factories and a large number of populations. The main justification used for the expansion is defending against suicide bombings.

- Since the creation of the separation wall, suicide bombing have gone down significantly in Israel. What long term dangers are there to Israel in the creation of the wall, and more settlements and expansion in East Jerusalem, based on the films here?

The construction of a wall by Israelis was against the Palestinian wishes. Israeli claimed that the wall construction will not only reduce suicide bombings but in a long term it will benefit the people of Israel. Settlement of Israel in East Jerusalem, in West Bank will give long term independence to the Jews. According to the news reporters, the separation wall is a long term measures to make sure the establishment of Israeli colonies, their freedom of movement and at the same time making Palestinian out of reach from the specific area.

- What is urban space like in these films? What is life like in the different side of the wall and division? Consider not only ethnic/religious differences, but also the obvious social differences depicted in the films.

Urban space means giving independence and freedom to the new developed Israelis state, and its people enjoy the freedom of life in those urban areas. The life in both sides of the wall is different after separation wall once constructed. Many Palestinians had their agriculture lands that are now under Israeli’s controlled areas. A place of worship for Palestinian was on the other side of the wall. A city that has been come under the construction of a separation wall is now deserted and barren. The city was once a populated city with good businesses, good citizens participations. The Jews on the other side of the wall are free and happy now. They are enjoying good environment with protection due to the separation wall from suicide bombings.

- How does the wall in particular reshape life for Israelis and Palestinians?

According to one of the surveys, the wall has not reshaped lives for Palestinians. Palestinians lives are disturbed as the economy, culture, education, jobs all have been affected by the separation wall. However the opposite has done the wall for Israel. The construction of a wall is illegal according to UN charter, but security claimed by the Israelis. The Israelis are now living fear free life with more unity among them; the full freedom to nourish their culture, education and economic conditions.

- How has urban planning been used to help Israel gain control of East Jerusalem? How does this use of urban planning align with the use of urban planning we have studied historically? How is it different?

The urban planning by the Jews in history was to construct a metropolitan city with in Jerusalem to encourage more Jews to come and inhabit here. After 1967, Israelis built a neighborhood around the city, so when in the future the division may take place, it will be easy for them to gain those neighborhood areas. And based on these ideas, the recent urbanization extended the areas occupied by Israelis and in 2005; the government announced that Israel turned urban planning into government tool (Cheshin Hutman and Melamend).

- How is the wall different from Berlin wall in terms of its aims? How is it similar?

If we talk about walls, in history there were many walls built by different nations for different reasons. But now these two walls are of great significance and importance. Walls whenever built create distances among relationships. If we study both walls, there are slight differences. Berlin wall built among the same communities with social and political differences; however Israeli wall is built by the newcomers to the territory and finally occupied the land permanently by constructing the wall. However, once the wall has been constructed by the Israelis, both Berlin wall and Israeli wall facing same situations.

There are huge similarities among both. Both walls are built and have created hatred among the people, have increased the distance among the people. The Palestinians have roots over other side of wall and that roots are being uprooted. Berlin wall and Israeli wall is protected by armed forces; however, the innocent people in both places play around the wall, peek from the wall, walking along the wall fearlessly and without weapons.

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