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Published: 2021-06-21 23:46:21
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Ans 1: Banque de France (BdF) and the French Central Bank (FCB) compile the data on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in France to understand the balance-of-payments. International Transactions Reporting System (ITRS) is used to compile the FDI data flow that is reported according to the sectorial analysis. The BdF, the French statistical institute (INSEE) and the Department of Foreign Economic Relations (DREE) collect the operations data of the partners of foreign Transnational Corporations (TNC) along with the operations of French partners abroad . The Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry collect the operational data from the foreign affiliates. As stated by , the two main forms of FDI are full ownership and joint venture, and in France, for the joint venture with the same investors involvement ownership is qualified to the country of origin of one of the investing partners.

Ans 2: As per the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14000 series the organizations must design an environment management system so that the adopters are benefitted by providing considerable effectiveness in greenhouse gasses . To satisfy the 4 R’s the marketers must be proactive firms to initiate the global process as these firms have well defined internal strategies for the environmental changes. The marketers must sell only what is needed, and not discard the items that are not reusable. Recycling the recyclable items so that the resources are converted into usable items is a good advice. Marketers must change their existing products to eco-friendly goods, for example, marketing handkerchiefs as a replacement for tissues. Duales Systems Deutschland (DSD) has introduced categorization, and re-use of aluminum wrapper in the packaging field. The on-pack Green Dot symbol, a trademark of DSD indicates that the pack is for sales packaging, and DSD tracks the companies

Ans 3: As stated by the concern of intellectual property violation has gained lot of prominence in the current market, due to the advances in technology in trade flows. Illegal copying or sharing of the licensed or copyrighted software is called as software piracy. Piracy is usually done by copying, downloading, distributing, retailing, or by duplicating software on many personal computers. Business Software Alliance has designed a few guidelines to tackle the issue of software piracy. Software Asset Management (SAM) can help protect a business from software piracy and under licensing . The process of SAM implementation starts with the employee awareness, and consists of four stages such as Initiation, Assessment, Prioritization, and Implementation. After implementing SAM it is always monitored on a regular basis. As organizations move to cloud computing, implementing SAM in the cloud environment becomes more critical. Software License Management (SLM), an application of SAM to licensing measures and manages license consumptions and entitlements. See Figure 1 for Copyright Infringement remedies.

Ans 4: The industries of South Africa that come under the most scrutiny are the Structural Steel Beams, Aluminum Plate, and Cold rolled carbon steel products. The infrastructure and construction companies make a majority in the industries in South Africa that are under scrutiny. Similarly the industries of Japan under scrutiny are the Blast Furnace Coke products, Metal Calendar slides, outboard engines, Glycine, and Thermal transfer ribbons. The industries of Canada that are under scrutiny are the Durum Wheat, Live Swine, Greenhouse tomatoes, and Liquid Sulfur Dioxide. The commodities and the swine industries form the highest percentage in industries under scrutiny. The industries from the European countries under inspection are manufacturing and chemical industries.

Consumer Behavior

Ans 1.1: Recently, I made a purchase decision to buy the new iPhone 5 at Target.

Ans 1.2: The key knowledge that I had regarding about the product was, it was a smartphone, and I had used a smartphone earlier with similar features; a different brand. This purchase was to be made at Target because of the positive affective response to the store environment. Being exited to buy the product, I could feel that I could accomplish other tasks on iPhone that I could not fulfill on my earlier phone. This desire if necessary, will change the thoughts, feelings, or behaviors to make them consistent with the previous experiences

Ans 1.3: During the purchase decision I experienced a flow of reciprocal interactions between my stored knowledge and cognitive processes. I related the experiences of seeing the product in various retail shops, the customer service skills by the store keepers, the discounts offered, the explanation provided on the product, and the after sales service. The stored knowledge seemed to have great influence than the cognitive process as the knowledge interacted with interpretation and integration processes.

Ans 1.4: As stated by , marketers understand the needs of different customers and behaviors through in-depth study of the internal and external environment of customers and formulate their plans for marketing. Through the interpretation process, I sensed the environment of the retail shops and created new knowledge, meaning and beliefs, by giving more attention to the prospects of buying from that store and comprehending the information.

Ans 2.1: As stated by , consumers have knowledge about the personal, symbolic values that products help them to satisfy or achieve their broad life goals. An associative network of knowledge about Target retail store could consist of a more or less immeasurable number of concepts such as discounted products, excellent customer services, coffee shop availability, good ambience, comfortable atmosphere. The different types of meanings in my knowledge structure for Target are cognitive interpretations of social stimuli, and affective responses.

Ans 2.2: A repetitive script for buying groceries from a retail shop would be parking and locking the car, entering the store, proceeding to the grocery section, taking the products in hand, putting them in the wheel cart, pushing the wheel cart to the billing counter, paying the bill, and leaving the store.

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Figure 1 Copyright infringement remedies. The figure shows the numerous options available to the software owner against copyright infringement and software piracy

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