IACP Technology Framework Course Works Examples

Published: 2021-06-21 23:47:19
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In this paper, I am going to discuss the driving force of the article and why I, as the police chief, should pay attention to the points being made by the IACP article. I will also identify the major concerns and challenges that are confronting the police chiefs in the use of developing technology and how they might navigate these issues as depicted by the article.

According to the article, technology is depicted as a tool that has numerous benefits to the law enforcement, but these benefits can only be realized through proper teaching, preparation, use, implementation, deployment, and management. Hence, we learn that that the technology can be there with its benefits, but with improper handling techniques we, the police chiefs, should not expect the best that these varying technologies promise to fulfill (Paul, 2004). For this technology to perform effective according to the article, meticulous preparation is mandatory so as, we, the users become acquainted with the outfitted policies and events defined and imposed by the group. The article goes further depicting how technology has played a great role in law enforcement agencies-it works miraculously according to my stand. For example, the use of GPS tracking technologies has helped law enforcement officers in tracking suspects. I can, therefore, be of the same opinion with the article that these advancements in technologies have played a significant role, whereby the door have been opened for near opportunities with the objective of enhancing both the public and officer protection (Paul, 2004).We, the police officers, cannot live without these technologies as far as the world keeps on changing resulting to the criminals too polishing their ways of doing thing. To stay pertinent, we have to implement the use of these technologies (AICP, 2014).

The article also depicts of the concern and challenges that we, the police officers, are likely to experience. The rate at which the technology is growing leaves us in a tight spot when it comes to identifying the best technologies to slot. This dilemma is brought about by the availability of more technologies that show potential, thereby, leading us into a difficult scenario when it comes to identifying the best options to implement. We, the police officers, are left with the challenge of identifying the best technology to integrate so as to have the utmost security benefits to the community. Defining the appropriate metrics that can help us, police officers, in assessing and supervising the recital and worth of the technologies also is a challenge that faces us. In spite of these challenges, our intelligence is not static, and we can be able to dodge these challenges by integrating the available technologies. It article depicts that implementing effective strategic use, scheduling, and recital management will help in turning these challenges into benefits (AICP, 2014). As a police officer, I recognize the fact that technology is here to stay, and it is our high time to make maximum use of it.


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