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Published: 2021-06-21 23:49:23
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+65 8198 4731
Designation of Contact Person
“Re: Application for the position of HR Executive”
Dear Mr./Mrs. Contact Person:
As a dynamic and motivated youngster, I am awfully interested in submitting my application for the position of a HR Executive/Intern with your esteemed organization. An optician by qualification and special training, and who had been into marketing of optical products for more than ten years, I believe that I have a special knack and call for the noble profession of Human Resource Development. I also strongly trust that I must start my fresh career in HR with an organization like yours that believes in truly caring for its internal customers or the employees themselves. This is also to assure you that my first priority as a Human Resource professional shall be to fulfill all the objectives of the organization by taking the employees into confidence.
Since my school days at Montfort primary and secondary schools, I had been aspiring to become a responsible Human Resource Development professional. Somehow, I got fascinated by the field of Opticianry and took a Certificate of Performance in Opticianry from the Singapore Polytechnic. Fascinated by helping those who require eyeglasses to see the world still clearly, I also got a Certificate of Dispensing Optician from S.E.R. Opticianry Training Center. While into optical trade as a qualified optician, I had the fulfilling opportunity of interacting with the customers before and after using the eyeglasses as prescribed by the optometrists or ophthalmologists. I thoroughly enjoyed the job since it involved suggesting different frame types and lens coatings based on the lifestyles, facial features and occupations of the customers, which seemed to enhance my creativity and caring for the customers. This also highly improved the self-confidence of the customers there by helping them bring out the best in them, regardless of the profession they were in. After an initial four year stint of part-time association with the profession, I became involved in the career fulltime while still pursuing my NITEC in Opticianry from the reputed ITE East College, Singapore.
I believe in perfectionism, which always had earned me laurels one after another. During my NITEC in Opticionry years, laurels like Edusave Certification of Academic Achievement, Student Commendation Award, Outstanding Graduate Award, Certificate of Merit and a Gold Medal easily came my way. Each and every award and recognition inspired me into thinking that beyond my academic caliber the appreciations were only meant for recognizing me as a fine and disciplined human being with a real commitment to the cause. Yes, in fact, the awards and recognitions reminded me to think more about my strengths and the still unexplored areas lying before me. It was then I realized that I had some other important vocation in me still remaining untapped. My caring and meaningful interactions with my clients and customers, by always suggesting them the best options during my ten years of service as an optician, revealed the mystery to me gradually. I divined the presence of a core Human Resource Development professional within me waiting to unravel himself and help many young professionals shape their career and life. This prompted me to complete my Diploma in Commerce with specialization in Human Resource Development from the Kaplan Higher Education Institute in Singapore with flying colors. It was also during that moment the former Optician in me recognized that the profession of Human Resource Development, like a pair of eyeglasses with a unique shape to fit my face perfectly, would be a still better profession for me compared to that of an optician.
As a human being with a natural tendency to better understand myself and grow, I believe that even though I lack firsthand experience in the field of HR, a position as a HR Executive with your organization would help me to learn thoroughly the intricacies of managing human resource to suggest suitable solutions toward transforming the talents of the employees into productivity for achieving the organizational goals. My receptiveness to guidance and feedbacks from others would always help me grow and excel in my profession, particularly as a HR professional in your organization. My attitude of being open to learn always even from the fellow colleagues would present me as a humble and friendly fellow worker to everyone in the organization. My outlook on learning new things with enthusiasm has been appreciated by my teachers as evidenced in the testimonial of my Opticianry Lecturer. During my two years of study at the School of Applied and Health Sciences, ITE College East, I was the elected Class Chairman for one-and-a-half years, which affirms my friendliness apart from the faith my fellow colleagues have upon me.
I do strongly believe that HR is the basic profession upon which marketing, research and all other activities of an organization are built. For example, marketing cannot be a discipline without effective customer care and service, which requires better human relationship skills. Similarly, a research team or an administration team in an organization need to complement each other within the team through proper understanding of the fellow team members and colleagues for the smooth functioning of the organization which again calls for a good deal of interpersonal skills. Hence, I strongly believe that the human relation skills I have developed right from my school and college days and through my experience of dealing with the customers as an optician for over ten years will come in handy for me to effectively function as a Human Resource Development professional in your organization. Also, effective HR management requires leadership skills in addition to a commitment toward the society as a whole. I humbly remind you of my first hand experience and involvement in community works and leadership skills as evidenced by my Opticianry Lecturer in his testimonial.
My proven qualities as a fellow human being genuinely interested in the affairs of my customers and friends would help me offer quality service as a HR Executive in your organization. I assure you of my key role in promoting friendliness and mutual cooperation among the employees of the organization by my nature of always radiating positive energy at the workplace. You may thoroughly go through my CV and credentials and verify my credibility by contacting my references before calling me for a personal interview. I can take on the responsibility as a HR Executive with immediate effect, and once again promise you my enthusiasm and resolve to guarantee that I would make a grand success of it.
Thank you very much for considering my application and I look forward to hearing from your end in the near future.

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