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Published: 2021-06-21 23:40:02
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The Ritz-Carton believes that having the right people is imperative to great customer service and, in turn, great customer satisfaction. Therefore, the Ritz-Carlton strives to hire the best people for the job, give them great customers services training, and treat them well to motivate them to do the best job. In fact, the Ritz-Carlton promises each employee that their people are the most important asset that they have. Furthermore, they value diversity and employee’s individual job aspirations and goals.
The Ritz-Carlton puts a great deal into making sure that their employees are properly trained to do their job to the best of their ability. In fact, the “Ritz-Carlton spends about $5,000 to train each new hire. First is a two-day introduction to company valuesNext comes a 21-day course focused on job responsibilities” (McDonald, 2004). This type of preparation would ensure employees are confident at doing their job. It also ensures that each employee feels that he or she is a valuable asset which the company does not feel that they can replace with just anybody.
In addition to providing employees with proper training, the Ritz-Carlton strives to treat every employee as a valuable member of the company. “The company celebrates not just every employee birthdays but also employment anniversaries. Regardless of position, every staff member can spend as much as $2,000 without management approval to resolve a guest’s problem. Employees say the exemption lets them make a personal impact on a guest’s experience, resulting in higher job satisfaction. The median annual nonmanagement turnover rate at a luxury hotel is 44 percent; at Ritz-Carlton, it’s only 25 percent” (McDonald, 2004). Therefore, the treatment the company gives its employees as well as the trust it puts in them results in more of their employees striving to retain their jobs.
Most jobs attempt to hire the best people they possibly can. However, many jobs to not focus on treating their employees the best they can to ensure great performance. Many jobs focus on customer satisfaction at the expense of employee satisfaction. There are very few jobs which would allow employees to spend company money without going through a number of channels of company approval. As an employee in the legal field, I am well aware the accounting and cost cutting dictates that every penny that an employee spends much be accounted for and approved of in advance. The type of training, trust, and empowerment Ritz-Carlton gives its employees ensures that it is not simply the guest of the hotel which have the Ritz experience, but instead the employees as well.
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