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Published: 2021-06-21 23:47:14
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I will be guide by the following approaches in my attempts to fill the position. Firstly, I will ensure that the job measure to the description by defining deliverables, skills together with necessary experience. Secondly, we would assess facial expression of the prospective candidates as the interview concludes. This will help us evade prejudice and biases and excreta.

Job description

Duties and responsibilities

- Creates a departmental planning process.
- He or she will plan in delivering health services, coordinate programs planning activities in the department such as, developing goals of the program and objectives, he or she also measures the progress of planning objectives.
- He or she takes part in developing methods of analysis, evaluation and assessing health care deliverables
- He or she will also evaluate programs as well as their socio-economic impacts in order to know the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the program.
- He or she will identify the challenges to the health program under execution. He or usher then, develops redress to procedures and evaluates their appropriateness’
- He or she prepares reports, presents recommendations and draws conclusion based on evaluation and analysis to the management.
- Finally, he or she will supervise planners of the health program, evaluate and analyze health programs. He will also collect and analyze demographics and status of health.

Departmental health programmer.

- Qualifications;
- Applicants should meet the following qualifications namely;
- Be a bachelor’s degree holder in social sciences from a recognized college of high institution of learning.
- Have an experience of a minimum of three years in the same position’
- She or he must be twenty five years and above.
- A master’s degree in social science will be an added advantage.
N/B; interested applicants can send their applications not later than twentieth of December twenty thirteen through our physical address bellow.


I would use the daily and widely read news papers in the country in order to make this advertisement. This is because, I expect the prospective employee to be alive to information and conventional changes in demographics. Moreover, matters of health have a transient orientation that is, there a complications that arise on frequent basis.

In this regard, I would be glad to hire a program planner that does not suffer from high ignorance levels. It is therefore, imperative that an applicant who gets information from news papers of wide readership can be given a benefit of doubt as being in touch with the daily occurrences.

Interview approach

I would pick on group or panel Interview because it provides descent forum to adequately engage the interviewee. This can as well help us learn other values upheld by the individual such as, values of charity, empathy which are in line with the job calling. In addition, there are interpersonal skills that can be easily being manifested through this interview interactive process.

Sample interview questions

The first query would be the interviewee’s drive towards the job. Secondly, would be why she or she feel’s the most preferable. Lastly, I would ask him or her repatriation expectation should she get the job or how soon she can take up the job.

In conclusion, I would insist on honesty as a cardinal rule in my hiring procedures. I will equally put in place appropriate integrity infrastructure to ensure that tendencies of dishonesty are adequately redressed. We shall then do everything that is humanly possible to free the panelists from biasness based on religion, race, color, tribe or creed.


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