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Published: 2021-06-21 23:46:42
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Digital advancement in the world has led to improved methods of access of data of different organisations, businesses and even government information. Creating of websites has been a trend for some time now. Essentially, it involves creating a link of two or more web pages using hyperlinks that help navigate the website from one page to the next by clicking on a specific point (King 2008). when acessing a specific webpage, an address known as the uniform resource locator is given identifying the specific webpage on the internet. Obviously, the interface of a website gives the reader a general idea of what information one is likely to find.

Taking a look at the website of California Health Insurance Exchange, it is notable that it was introduced to make it easy for the user to obtain the necessary information about the services and packages offered (California 2003). Content in this website is concise and readable even to a user at the eighth grade. Similarly, the language used is easy to read and understand considering that it has options of selecting different languages that are mostly spoken around the world such as spanish. Additionally, the website is written in large font that helps the reader scan through to the intended point without necessarily having to go through everything that saves time. Color scheme is also another aspect that makes the website user-friendly. In essence, the website has contrasting color scheme for the background to the different contents available in the interface that makes it appealing to the eyes and easy to read by improving visibility of the contents. Most users trying to access information from the internet don't like spending more time researching about one thing.Undoutedly, this website is created to help navigation fast and efficient.

However, this website can be improved to make it simpler to use or rather user friendly. Color scheme can be improved to make drop down options easily noticeable and readable without much effort. The options in a language should be increased to allow users from other parts of the world to use the website.

Comapring this website to that of Alabama state insurance, we see that California Health Insurance is more efficient and user friendly even to young users. Color scheme is better than the Alabama website because of the color variation that makes it easier to in using the website. Appearance of the interface is also better in Carlifonia Health Website as opposed to that of the Alabama on the basis of font size and information displayed. Usually,first impression after opening of the website determines whether an individual will be willing to continue and gather the required information. In another case, the Alabama health insurance website has covered more of its information on the interface reducing the number of links to a particular intended point which saves time for the users.

In conclusion, the intention of a particular website is to reach as much people as possible delivering the intended message. Ensuring efficiency and quality information in the website is vital to help the users get the intended message which is beneficial to both parties. Managers of the website should ensure that necessary changes are made ensuring the public do not face any mishap.


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