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Published: 2021-06-21 23:50:43
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The group is tasked with researching electronic accounting packages that can facilitate purchases and generate reports while keeping a good record of its sales. This is for a company that was established in 1930’s and has been relying on accounting software developed in the 1980’s. The ideal systems for the organization will record transactions as they occur, allow sales over the internet and track such sales and manage payments both physically and over the internet. The system should also be cost efficient to set up and maintain, and the system should be up and running within the shortest time possible.
Members have been researching various products that the company can use to deal with the current challenges and achieve desired objectives. Aziz has researched an accounting software called vend. Vend is a computerized accounting system that has a number of advantages. It is easy to set up and works with a wide range of Point of Sale hardware. The Vend system can make a sale in minutes and boasts of powerful reporting features that would perfectly meet the reporting requirements of the company. Vend is also cloud based, thus ensuring that the data gathered by the organizations during its transactions will be well backed up in the cloud.
Abby has been researching Apple Square as one of the systems that can be used to meet the challenges faced by the company. Apple square basically offers credit card reader services, and accepts all credit cards for a fee of 2.75% per transaction. Apple Square comes with a free easy to use application that collects data during transactions. The application also tracks earnings, completes sales history and carries out invoicing and bookkeeping. Apple Square also gives an ability to the enterprise to connect directly to their bank accounts, can send electronic receipts. It also offers easy access of records remotely and remotely.
Saad research has been into Simple Sales Tracking system. The system can develop personal and team charts, organize calendar and task reminders while giving users the ability to review recently viewed items. Simple Sales Tracking system can also be operated on a mobile platform application, and incorporates social media in the effort to increase sales.
Rob has delved into researching Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. NFC technology would be useful to the company because it would allow users to pay for their products by entering a Personal Identification Number (PIN) or by swiping their finger on their mobile devices. Information about the transaction would then be sent to a main server where it can be used and changed accordingly for accounting, inventory and sales data. The NFC has a major advantage in that it allows for cashless transactions, thus greatly reducing the risk that is associated with cash transactions.
Ahmed has been researching a system called Base. The Base system is an ideal system that can be used to manage customers. The system generates sales reports and identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the organization as regards sales. It can also be used in decision making since it can be used for sales forecasting. Base system has the ability to give the financial status of the operation at any given point in time. The application can also set sales goals and quotas that can be employed in the growth of the business.

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