Good Troubleshooting Web Forms Course Work Example

Published: 2021-06-21 23:46:04
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Frustrating aspects about the college web forms and possible solution:

The college website form has 32 fields, and a Send and Reset button making it too long. Long forms are tiring and usually have issues with saving data. Users enter data, but the text gets lost during submission forcing them to re-enter the information. Another problem with web forms is the lack of validation on the required fields, password string requirements, and provision of feedback on issues such as already taken usernames.
These frustrating issues with web forms can be solved by breaking down the form into sections based on content and flow. These sections may include personal details, contact information, and payment details sections. Issues such as browser timeouts, page refreshes, and expired sessions can lead to loss of entered data during submission and should thus be accounted for during design. Online validation should be provided to check details such as required fields, time and date formats, and available usernames.

Techniques for optimizing web form submission usability:

Form submission usability can be significantly improved by removing the reset button. This is because users can click the reset button instead of the submit button thus clearing all entered data. To eliminate the reset button, escape erroneous form entries and avail choices for neutral options, measures include the use of explicit radio buttons, and selected menu entries in the drop down menus as defaults.

The Web is a navigation environment and most users will often use the Back button to undo an action. However, the Cancel button is less used, but better alternative since it provides users with a way of explicitly stopping something they choose to avoid. In this way, the user is afforded a feeling of security by helping them undo actions quickly without the need for leaving a page. The Cancel button is most eligible in situations such as multi-step dialogs where users have progressed past various pages with actions. Use of the back button at this stage cannot undo previous actions and thus provision of a Cancel button would be a feasible idea.

In shopping carts, a special Remove button is necessary for removing items from the cart instead of clearing the whole shopping cart list. This provision allows users to cancel a particular purchase before submitting the shopping list (

Web Databases:

Well-Come-Fit Center is a new, exclusive modern gym and fitness center providing special workout sessions with highly qualified professional trainers. The center has a spa area (massage parlor, sauna, swimming pools) and next to it is a restaurant offering fitness diet (salad, supplements), and a children’s’ day care center.

The fitness company can use the web database to cut down costs since they do not have to buy software programs for the business. Web databases are also quite flexible in term of access and management since maintenance can be shifted to the vendor. These fitness center can use a web database to gain competitive advantage and collect customers’ details via online registration, allow booking of training sessions, online payments, receive customer feedback, and easily manage customer data while cutting down on information management costs.

Open Source vs. Proprietary: Web Server Software:

Well-Come-Fit Center can opt for open source web server software to manage their web service and databases since most proprietary server solutions are costly to acquire, implement and maintain. The entry costs and acquisition cycles for open source web server software are quite minimal compared to proprietary software. Second, open source web server software is more secure than commercial alternatives. This is open source software development is community driven and thus security vulnerabilities are discovered and fixed twice as quickly as in proprietary software. Companies also get high returns on investment (ROI) from open source software since the quality of these software either meets or exceeds the standards of most enterprises. This results in cost savings while at the same time achieving organizational efficiency.


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