Good The Support He Gives Is In Threatening His Mistress That She Would Die, Leaving Argumentative Essay Example

Published: 2021-06-21 23:38:59
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Analysis of a common argument
- Summarize the speaker's argument
The speaker is a lover, who seems to have a hard time convincing his mistress to give in to his desires. He hence uses all manner of words including aging and the possibility of death, which would deny them the opportunity to be together as lovers.
- Is the argument valid?
The argument is valid, though the style he uses could be a turn off to the lover. The speaker is using manipulative words to make the lover give in to his demands, which is not right.
- How would you refute it?/>
Instead of trying to force her into his desires, the speaker should understand if the lover is interested in the relationship or needs more time to make up his mind. His pursuit reveals that he is being driven by lust rather than love.
- Many consider this poem to be a satire; what is it satirizing?
The title of the poem implies that the speaker has another woman and mainly keeps the mistress as a side lover. It is however ironical that he could be burning with lust yet he is not very desperate for sex.
- Marvell uses a literary technique called "hyperbole" - (a form of exaggeration); give two examples:
One example is when he claims that if death has to happen, lust will also kill him, secondly, the claim that if the lover does not give in to his desires, her ‘virginity’ will instead be enjoyed by worms in death.
- Why does Marvell use hyperbole?
Marvel uses hyperbole to express the desperate need and desire to have his mistress and satisfy his lustful desires for him.
- What conclusion does Marvell draw?
The final message that marvel drives at in his poem is the short term of a lustful relationship. The speaker of the poem felt no love for his mistress but lust. The relationship could hence not go on, if the mistress did not honour up to his desires.
- What support(s)/evidence does he give?
- How does his commentary use the support to argue for the conclusion?
His commentary, which is best revealed in the title, suggests that once a woman accepts to be a mistress, she should know that it is not about love but sex. To sustain the relationship, she has to give in to such desires.
- Write a counter-point (poetry or prose) from the woman's point of view
When it comes to relationships, a woman is more interested in the time invested in her rather than the real sexual act. A woman will easily give in to sex, once a man proves that to her that she is worth her time and attention.

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