Good Strategies To Develop Local Communities; Community Intervention Article Review Example

Published: 2021-06-21 23:40:26
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Strategies to develop local communities; Community Intervention
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Strategies to develop local communities; Community Intervention
Maryland is one of the most developed areas having significant and diverse population particularly including children, teenage and adult. Community based intervention is a very general term for the reforms which can improve or help the community to fight issues. It also refers to the target of “change”.
Any planner who works under this belt need to know that precaution is always better and effective than treatment and cure. For treatment, one has to take every case in detail and then design the treatment plan which may differ from others residing in the same community; however precaution would help everyone to be aware and clear about their actions and consequences which is likely to be more lasting and durable. When one has a complete vision of the outcomes, he/she is not expected to fall in to the trap.
An important factor is that a number of people especially adults have already being caught in to the issues since “precaution” plan has not been designed and executed yet. All those people need treatment and can be used as an example or practical illustration to those who are younger and not in to that phase yet. Examples like these can extensively be effective in achieving the cause and preventing others to follow their footsteps.
All these elements do make the intervention plan a very complicated one. But if the planner has a clearer idea about where the “treatment and remediation” has to be used and where “precautionary measures” can help, it’d become easier to design. It would be more like a transition since both approaches have to be followed. But the outcomes of one could be used as an overlapping part of the other and would give more strength to the methodology and effectiveness of the plan.
Kenneth R. McLeroy, B. L., & Sumaya, C. V. (2003). Community-Based Interventions. American Journal of Public Health , 529-533.

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