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Published: 2021-06-21 23:50:30
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On the threshold of completing my Master’s degree in Chemical Sciences, I seek to take my research in organic chemistry to the next level. Having a PhD in organic chemistry would work on a positive note for me because it will help me in joining my efforts together along with the knowledge that I have gained until now. To build a heritage for the learning of chemistry, I would like to join McGill University. It is an institution that I have aspired to become a part of for as long as I have determined chemistry to be my field of choice.
The department of chemistry at McGill University is one of the finest and has a tradition of modernism. Its dedicated sections to chemical biology, material chemistry, synthesis and catalysis as well as chemical physics will arm me with a comprehensive theoretical and practical understanding. I would get the chance of interacting with the finest minds that are already in this field. I am particularly looking forward to learning from Professors Tak-Hang Chan, Chao-Jun Li, Nicholas Moitessier, and Karine Auclair – each a stalwart in the study of chemistry. Seminars including those of the McGill Chemical Society, Biophysical Discussion, and Organic Chemistry will provide me with an open learning environment where I will be able to interact with guest speakers and develop my knowledge in a more holistic manner. The state of the art facilities and rigorous syllabus at McGill will enable me to practice my learning on an ongoing basis, molding me into an experienced practitioner by the time I graduate.
I strongly believe that I have the right blend of education and skills that would make me a highly suitable candidate for admission into McGill. I began my formal education in chemistry with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry degree from King Faisal University. Having completed the undergraduate program, I enrolled in Laurentian University (pursuing) for my Masters program at the department of chemical sciences, which took me to the fascinating world of organic compounds. I chose to go for biosynthesis chemistry along with material and organic chemistry as it fascinated me the most, and the scope of learning were tremendous. My Master’s topic is Metabolic Network and production of valuable metabolites in microbial system. While working in the laboratory, I got the chance of understanding how starting materials in chemistry can result in organic compounds like biosynthesis and organic materials.
As I had sought to become a part of McGill community a long time ago, I have made conscious efforts to enhance my knowledge so that I bring myself up to the standards expected of McGill students. I attended various conferences and courses, which included Lab Safety Certificates in Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System, research seminars on chemistry along with research conferences on biochemistry and chemistry. These lectures and presentation were a learning parameter for me as it supplemented my formal education.
The PhD program from McGill is the ideal next step in my journey towards becoming a renowned chemistry practitioner. I understand that it would be a tough task for me to meet the standards at McGill University, but I am confident that my passion for chemistry and my dedication to the field will empower me to succeed. Being accepted into McGill would be a longstanding dream fulfilled.

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