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Published: 2021-06-21 23:40:21
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The very famous French sociologist & philosopher, Bourdieu, gave theoretical ideas with researches done, that relates to everyday life. His theories were the ones meant for practice and his contributions to sociology were incredible as it was both theoretical & had practical evidences.
When it came to people or groups he refused any idea other than uniting the society & its people. He was completely against the idea of giving someone extraordinary importance vision, that usually comes into a picture imposing itself whenever it comes to a discussion between individual & society. Being a writer means inserting oneself completely into the literary field, with full participation. But later after several studies Bourdieu was found to be less useful in some cases like in interpreting literary works and in developing a consistent relationship between several external plus internal approaches to literary works.
In the affair of Bisou author takes over the area that was already under controversies. This gave him publicity & he immediately came in the news. Later his expectations crossing the seventh sky, he declared that people who want to see the sculpture near the bank of a lake need to pay his desired amount. This appeal to the public gave him certain success. But later due to his extraordinary expectations author fails. He was declared as false artist.
In the case of sprayer of Zurich, we see the clandestine graffiti transmutation into an artwork & the night reveller into an artist. Talent of this sprayer was appreciated in Germany but was largely criticised by the Swiss public & officials. He later totally disappeared from the public attention when he started drawing on paper. He became a well respected artist in Germany. Even the authorities of Zurich late recognised his graffiti as art & they also restored some of his graffiti.
We see that both the cases have one term in common that is publicity, but the difference lies in the way it came to both the authors. And the way respect & art remained in their life also shows the difference.

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