Good Research Proposal About The Honorable Jeff Sessions

Published: 2021-06-21 23:51:02
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United States Senate
326 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510-0104
DC Phone: 202-224-4124
DC Fax: 202-224-3149
Dear senator,
RE: Back up S. 1627, American Renewable Energy & Efficiency Act
As a diligent and law abiding citizen of Alabama, I feel that the recent bill prepared by Sen. Markey's office will be of utter significance in boosting the social, economic, and political development of America.
Supporting the bill will see more than 400,000 jobs created for our many youths urgently in need of jobs. It will also lead to energy efficiency enhancements that would save the average American household and taxpayers $39 yearly By 2030, its effect will have been felt significantly since cumulative consumer savings will be approximately $90 billion.
If enacted, the law will also spur new capital investments of about $200 billion in renewable energy technology that will quadruple the amount of electricity produced by 2030. The bill will also reduce carbon dioxide emissions significantly This judicious bill would bring the U.S’s slapdash energy program into the twenty-first century by inspiring greater use of contemporary, clean, benign, and energy efficacy technologies and lucrative renewable energy.
However, the bill requires some improvements before it is enacted. America needs to participate wholly in the fight against global warming. While the bill indicates that it will reduce carbon production by 490 million metric tons yearly, it should target a greater figure than the aforementioned Under the bill, utilities will have to provide 25% of energy from renewable energy sources. However, such a figure is measly considering the high rate by which the U.S want to reduce consumption of precarious energy for environmentally friendly energy. The figure should be increased to around 40% as the Americans believe that it can sufficiently be attained. The bill should be amended so that it aims at reducing carbon emissions by about 700 million metric tons yearly. It should also indicate stern actions that will be taken against firms and households that emit huge amounts of carbon into the atmosphere since the devastating effects of global warming are devastating our socioeconomic development. The maximum number of coal-fired plants should be fixed at a slightly lower level. It should also consider limiting the number of investors that will be allowed to sell coal, considering its immense contribution to air pollution.
However, even without any alterations, the bill will be of utter importance once enacted Considering its advantages and the healthy changes that it will bring, I compassionately urge you to support the bill to ensure that it becomes a law. There are changes that our energy system requires, and this bill will significantly help in solving the many prevalent issues. Also, ask the other senators to co-sponsor the bill. If the changes can be done before its enactment, it will be better. However, the bill should not be circumvented at any cost.
Wishing you all the best as you prepare to convince your colleagues to support and transform the bill to a law.
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