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Published: 2021-06-21 23:46:59
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Principled thinking forms the most important of all issues related to ethics at the work place and in organizations. The main idea behind principled thinking is that there exist a myriad cultures, personalities, interests and claims that require tact, creativity, negotiating values and upholding values so as to maximize the resultant good while limiting the negative impact as much as possible.

All types and levels of ethical issues existing at the work place demand as much tact and creativity as possible. This is vital for the main reason of upholding the image of the organization and the industry while at the same time leveraging the dignity and the contribution of the workforce.
The principle of cultural relativism indicates that the organization takes up the stand of the industry to set the code of conduct and the law of business. In essence ethical relativism thinks that if we are doing business in Rome then we should do it as the Romans do.

There are major demerits that accompany this approach. There is bound to be a clash between personal beliefs and the general overriding principal of the industry. There is also the danger of creating absolutists while also contradicting the general experience of the day.

A case in point is BP a large corporation with one of the largest oil distribution networks around the world. In 2010, BP was portrayed as one of the most unethical organizations due to the oil spill sagas of all time . This was evident both in the times leading to the oil spills and after. BP was keen on maintaining the best public image by churning out advert after advert and trying to keep their head high until the truth came out, and a recovery planned outlined.

I personally make use of cultural relativism because of the widespread acceptance of some principles within the different section of business and academics. This makes it simple for me because I easily learn other people's culture.


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