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Published: 2021-06-21 23:50:28
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I could have led content and fulfilling long life, if not an accident Still, I regard myself as lucky since I received all the kindheartedness and financial support from people, whom I have never met in my life.
2005 started out as a very promising year but then it abruptly turned into blackness. As the water turns into ice during winter, so my precious life turned into barely satisfying days and years after the dreadful ATV accident. Since that time onwards, nothing was the same ever.
Physicians were fighting to save my life because I had damaged both sides of my brain, the left side being the most affected. In 2008, I survived the first complicated seizure. Unfortunately, no one could predict that I would be having those miserable seizures ever since the accident, despite the fact that I was administered about every anti-seizure medication the neurologist could provide.
Gradually, I became a burden for my friends. A family Doctor sent me to my first neurologist they knew, and the game began. They could not help, so they sent me to the next doctor and then one more doctor, until I was sent to my forth neurologist, but none of them could get rid of my persistent seizures. No advanced medication worked on my broken body. Finally, the doctors gave up and transferred me to remote medical centers. For four long and strenuous years I have been put on multiple anti-seizure medications, but the efforts to save my brain resulted in failure. Apparently nothing in the world of medicine was of help to me.
Finally, I got an appointment with a real expert, Dr. Kalayjian, in KECK medical center. The doctor put me through every possible test to screen the parts of my damaged brain. Major scars were found and got meticulously tested again to make me have seizures with components attached to my brain. Finally, the part that was responsible for the seizures was located.
I went through the brain surgery. The major scars were on the safest part of my brain and they were cut out. However, major important pieces were left to prevent losing the functions of my brain. I could still do the major functions, including reading, talking, and writing. But seizures still continue after the first brain surgery.
A job has been lost for me due to the left cerebral hemisphere damage that caused a partial loss of my brain functions. Also, I have not been able to drive ever since the second seizure and I still need to go 6 months without a seizure to be able to get my driver’s license back. The complicated surgery has visibly slowed down my reading and writing skills as well, with an aftereffect that I constantly forget my regular vocabulary. Now I am left without any medical insurance to cover my medical expenses, including those for a second brain surgery. The first brain surgery cost awfully lot, and I assume a bill for the second surgery will be as dreadful.
Any donations would be helpful. Please share this website to get me assistance and help me to live again.
Thank you for reading and thank you for any donations provided.

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