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Published: 2021-06-21 23:49:05
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The current discourse actually summarizes the team’s understanding of how good ideas are developed. Using “The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking” and “Where Good Ideas Come From” , our team has exchanged and shared the relevant inputs that each member has gathered from these sources.
What the team members gathered from Steve Johnson’s talk on where good ideas come from was basically the presence of a conducive learning environment (a liquid network) which gathers a collection of diverse people who could share, exchange, comment, and express all sorts of ideas, opinions, and discourses to come up with innovative ones. It was therefore commendable to identify that contemporary environments, such as the coffee shop, or even venues for public events and gatherings could serve as effective sources of good ideas. Even working within a team environment in the academic setting or at work could also be sources of innovation and creating thinking.

One team member even shared the final thought expressed by Mr. Johnson who asserted that chance favors the connected minds . Thus, good ideas come from a collaboration and encouragement of free flow of ideas which could spur from just about any ordinary endeavor.

A series of ideas that the team suggested that we could work on throughout the course includes the following: finding out the most relevant discovery or contribution to mankind in the 21st century and how the idea came about; determining at least five of the most brilliant minds of contemporary times in the field of business through their personal or professional discoveries that assisted in improving the welfare of global society; and what extraordinary inventions could be suggested to transform human lives in the next century; among others. As such, one product or innovation that was suggested is a technological gadget which could immediately detect a health disorder and which could readily suggest treatment or medical intervention using only one extremely effective drug.

The outline for the proposed product is as follows:

Rationale for development and design of the product;
Product description, which includes the features of the technological gadget;
Proposed strategies for the other marketing mix: price, place, and promotions;
Specified timeframe for development and launching;
Monitoring and incorporation of suggestions for improvement.


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