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Published: 2021-06-21 23:51:32
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The tie between culture and art is profound and close as the two have a joint and beneficial relationship. Art can facilitate the exposure of culture through paintings, sculptures, drawings, and other masterpieces. For instance, contemporary art can serve as a channel of culture. In addition to that, culture is not a predetermined concept. It is evolving, continuous, and subject to change over time. Culture is influenced by an array of factors, and contemporary art is among them. Art is a dynamic, predominant element which can be considered “an aspect of culture” (Hatcher 1). There are several views that people uphold denoting that the bond between culture and art is intertwined. Nonetheless, art and culture depend on each other. This paper will therefore discuss the interrelationship between art and culture.
“The Court of Gayumars”, attributed to Sultan Muhammad, circa 1522–1525.
The Court of Gayumars is a stunning success by Sultan Muhammad. This remarkable work of art is wealthy in detail and intense in color. The art work showcases material culture. In crafting works of art, color is an imperative aspect as it showcases the culture of a certain region. Sultan Muhammad’s piece of art gives an illustration of Gayumars, Iran’s legendary pioneering king. A light in the middle of a golden sky surrounds the king. In this case, color is observed as a symbol of royalty in the Gayumars’ culture. To support this view, the king’s grandson and son sit on multicoloured rocky extensions. From the lens of color, Muhammad gave his “royal patron” an outstanding outlook of Iran’s renowned past (Kleiner and Gardner 279).
The concept of leadership is exhibited by Ambrogio Lorenzetti in his painting, the Effects of Good Government in the City and in the Country. Leadership is an essential factor of culture that showcases administration, styles, and approaches of government. Color is also vital in this masterwork. Its fresco painted by Lorenzetti is situated on the room’s longer wall. This is approximately 14.4 meters long. The picture depicts the city and the panoramic fresco is a representation of a variety of scenes which indicate Siena’s life and its surroundings in the 14th Century (Lorenzetti). It is an illustration of a life under a sound administration. The fresco is a depiction of the hub of a city with beautiful buildings. From this viewpoint, color illustrates splendour and distinction. This is because the fresco was unique in architecture. Additionally, the city’s center portrays equality and justice for all its citizens.
View of the frescoes (c.1338-40)
As one of the most spectacular Persian manuscript artworks, the Court of Gayumars depicts culture as a significant connotation. According to customs and norms, Gayumars governed from the top of a mountain. This is also the era when humans initially acquired the skill of cooking and clothing themselves. The mode of dressing is this case is leopard skins. The beauty of culture is also demonstrated by the backdrop of colourful tress surrounding the place where Gayumars sits. Notably, the headship of the human race over animals is illustrated by the fact that wild beasts became meek in the midst of Gayumars. Sultan Muhammad presents the sky, trees, rocks, figures, and animals with an “extraordinarily delicate touch” (Kleiner and Gardner 279).
Culture is also highly relevant in Lorenzetti’s work of art. As compared to Muhammad’s, Lorenzetti’s piece presents diversity. This is due to the reality that Effects of Good Government in the City and in the Country presents diverse activities carried out by residents of Siena. These include construction of new buildings, sale of merchandise, farming, teaching, harvesting, and shepherding. The painting is a representation of order and calm, which is essential in promoting quality of life. This is attained through striking a balance between political and economic spheres of influence. The serenity of culture is also epitomized by the young women dancing. They are perceived to be a representation of the nine Muses, which are symbols of justice and beauty.
Effects of Good Government on the City Life (c.1338-40)
As illustrated, both works of art exemplify the way of life in the different settings that they represent. For that reason, art can be seen as a channel to exhibit culture. Ambrogio Lorenzetti’s noteworthy piece, Effects of Good Government in the City and in the Country is among the most profound achievements of the Renaissance. Lorenzetti depicts the effects of government regimes in the city and the nation, as a whole. Good governments have firm foundations and this is epitomized by the remarkably illuminated walls. On the other hand, Sultan Muhammad’s accomplishment of the Court of Gayumars is his first painting that inspired the style of Tabriz (Cooke).
In a nutshell, art and culture are interrelating as they both depend on each other to bring out intense meanings. The “inter-relation between art and culture” reminds people that they formulate the conventions and conditions of their art historical assessments of work from a specific stance that contributes “to and forms culture” (Kemal and Gaskell 7). Art is employed as a channel to communicate and relay culture from “artist to viewer” (Hatcher 135).
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