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Published: 2021-06-21 23:45:49
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Team building is one of the most important activities that any organization can institute. Organizations or teams that involve the need to carry out team building exercises for the sake of bonding and help individuals jell together. The aim of team building is to ensure better working conditions or associations among individuals found in a given place. Without team building, organizations cannot ensure cohesion among its workers. It is important to note that team building does not apply only to organizations where workers are involved, but can cut across the board even in schools. The most important thing, however, is to determine why a given group may resort to team building. Team building can be used in corporate events, school activities and voluntary activities. The following is a list of Team building activities and the various websites where they can be found.

1. Happy hour

This team building activity is mainly used in the corporate world. The activity is aimed at easing the pressure on workers by having light moments among the workers. The happy hour activity is when people take some time to get happy and enjoy some light moments. The activity creates ensures morale boosting and cohesiveness among the employees (Canadian Outback and events, 2013).

2. Problem solving activity

This activity is mainly used for teams that are well grounded and are aimed at pulling the teams together. The major aim of this task is to enable the teams or groups to develop better ways of working together in solving problems (Office Arrow, 2012).

3. Team Olympics

In this team building activity, the essence is to allow everyone to bring out their competitive nature, so that they are able to build on their confidence (Wilderdom, 2013).

4. Voluntary exercises

Engaging in activities of charity help the workers get relief from stress and other strict activities. It provides relaxing moments for the workers (Branding beats, 2014).

5. Gaming activities

Organizing for games for different teams. The games can be varied and for different groups based on what is supposed to be achieved. The gaming activities should be able to promote interaction among the teams (Business balls, 2011).

6. Balloon activities

This team building activity is meant to determine how gentle members of a team can be in handling issues or matters. The aim is to help teams how gentle they are and the extent to which adjustments can be made (Warner, 2013).

7. Social networking

In this team building activity, the members are supposed to create networking groups either using social media or other sources to ensure that there is bonding created among the different members of a task force. This activity is meant for teams that are dispersed in different locations (Life meets work. (2013).

8. Establish rotational leadership

The essence of this team building exercise is to help people bring out the leadership skills in them. It makes it possible for them to enhance their ability to take charge of their destiny either in life or at the place of work (Nelson, 2002).

9. Adventures

Going out for adventurous activities that require teams to be engaged in activities aimed at fact finding about certain issues (Life meets work, 2013).

10. Communication in Circles

The aim of talking in circles is to ensure that the teams learn to communicate properly and effectively. In this activity, information is passed from one person to the other until the last person. How effective the information is passed determines how much people develop their communication skills (Best corporate events & high-tech team building, 2014).


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