Good Example Of SWOT Analysis Process Case Study

Published: 2021-06-21 23:42:21
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Implementation of a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program
For the organization to successfully run the pulmonary rehabilitation program then after the selection of the qualified applicants as program coordinators then an induction program is necessary. The program should provide an understanding of the working culture within the organization as well as enhancing the mobilization skills of the program coordinators to ensure professionalism. The program should be able to enhance the leadership and interpersonal skills of the new entrants. Those attending the program will be able to acquire a collaborative support network in the rehabilitation process and understand the family ethos of the organization. Expectations of the management from the entrants will be well communicated to ensure ethics are adhered to.
SWOT analysis is the method used to assess a business, its environment and its resources. Doing such an analysis helps a business man to understand a business, its market and show potential investors that the options are open to. The essence of the analysis is to know what is well done, how it can be improved and weighing whether you are making appropriate use of the opportunities that surround you. With these questions in mind, one becomes introduced to the ideas that are behind the analysis, and give proposals as to it can be easily carried out.
The generic strengths that an organization can have are, having reliable staff that can be trusted and who qualify enough for their jobs. The staff can be of high assistance to a business as a business without a strong staff, is most likely to have complications on the program which requires the mobilization of resources and high level organization skills. The other strength that a business can have is its products or services. When an organization is producing products of higher quality compared to its competitors, its products become part of its strengths. The other one can be its location. When a business location is in a better place than its competitors it stands a better place compared to the competitors and this becomes its strength. The other one is customer loyalty. A business which has all its customers all most of them being royal to it, also can consider customer loyalty as part of its strengths. It is necessary to know and put into consideration the strengths of business as they can lead the business into its success.
In a business, there must also be a weakness. This weakness act as pull back to the business and they should be analyzed and minimized. Some of the weakness that a business can have included the reliability of the business to the customers. Having fewer staff than the business requires is also a weakness as the business may not produce to its maximum. The business’s location can be another weakness which should be put fast as it can be the main weakness a business can have. This can be recognized by comparing the location of the business and the purpose of the business, things like availability of ample parking or sufficient opportunities that attract the passing trade (Thambirajah, & Grandison, 2008).
A business also has many opportunities with most of them not discovered by the business managements. The opportunities can either internal or external. The external opportunities can include competitor’s misfortune leading to their woeful performance and they provide your business the opportunity to do more, and better than before. The opportunities may also include technology that develops and it brings about some benefits. This can be something like a broadband connected near the organization; this could improve the organization’s communication. There can also appear some challenges to the customers whereby one can increase the business services to them. If a business is fast enough to act to such opportunities, the business grows at a first rate (Chandorkar, 2008).
In an organization, there are also threats that should be kept into consideration. These threats may include a new competitor venturing into your area of business. Such a threat requires ways of dealing with it in advance. An advanced solution might be required for every threat that appears during the running of the business. It is clear that the SWOT analysis is extremely significant as it helps in the planning of a business and the prediction of the business’s future (Novick, Morrow, & Mays, 2008).
As the current director of the cardiopulmonary department I would support the implementation of the new program and ensure optimal utilization of resources. There are multiple risks that need to be articulated before the implementation of the program. However, it is a business principle that no risks no gains. Of late we have been struggling with reduced support from the government and it is evident that something needs to be done. Resource mobilization is a key aspect that ought to be put into consideration. Moreover, the management of health care facilities requires a multidimensional approach where all the stakeholders are allowed to actively participate in the decision making process. The program stakeholders must be identified at the earliest point to ensure that their interests are articulated.
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