Good Example Of Role Of Social Class In Success Article Review

Published: 2021-06-21 23:40:04
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1. Author Frank F. Furstenberg believes that although America is a society that eschews a separation between classes, there are clear opportunity differences based upon the socioeconomic bracket that a person was born into. Furstenberg feels that this is contrary to the American ideology. But these ideologies do not match the actual reality of the United States. The author writes that “the United States, long regarded as the land of opportunity, has never entirely lived up to its billing” (Furstenberg, 2006).
The differences in classism have been for all of its history a social construction based not always on the reality. The author shares his own experiences four decades ago when social scientists overemphasized the role of parents and values in shaping the economic situation of their offspring. Social class is also sometimes eclipsed by a focus on other factors such as race, gender and ethnicity. The author believes that a more nuanced understanding of the role of social class is needed in order to paint the full picture of classism in America. Part of the reason that this metric is buried under other factors is due to the fact that many are uncomfortable even considering that social class exists in America, since it is contrary to one of the central ideologies of the country.
2. Life Experiences of Child From An Advantaged Family
Prenatal Development
- Excellent Prenatal Care – A prenatal child will from an advantaged family will be likely to have parents who have knowledge about prenatal nutrition and the means to assure that the mother takes supplements and receives nutrition that will maximize physical and cognitive growth potential in the child.
- The unborn child will receive the best prenatal medical observation and care available.
- A child will receive steady and sufficient attention from parental figures.
- Child will receive advanced training for social roles outside the home, particularly the role of the student. This means that outside of the formal education system, children from the upper class will receive lessons and training within the home to help maximize their success outside the home.
- A child will live in a safe place where the influences of negative influences are minimized.
Early Adulthood
- Parents will be able to assist the child in paying for higher education. A university education, even if the child is unable to get a scholarship for it, will be affordable to the young adult’s family.
Furstenberg, Frank F. Diverging Development Print. 2006.

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