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Published: 2021-06-21 23:50:38
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I have always wanted to achieve my dream career ever since I was in primary school. This has, however; not been an easy task due to financial constraints among other hardships I have faced along the way. I come from a poor family. My parents are high school graduates and their income has not been sufficient to cater for my education as well as take care of our family. During my undergraduate studies, I, therefore, had to secure a part time job in order to cover part of my school fees. I am grateful for the experiences I have been through because I believe that they have prepared me for any challenge I might encounter in your great institution. As a Ghanaian immigrant, for six years, in the United States, I have been through enough hardship, and my life is a testimony that with ambition and courage, we can overcome any obstacle to achieve our goals.
Pharmacy is my dream career. I have a passion for sciences, and perhaps this might explain my love for pharmacy. More strongly, however, is the desire I have always had for a long time to understand the composition of drugs and how they treat and prevent diseases. I believe your great institution will develop me into a competent knowledgeable pharmacist able to provide quality care to all patients.
In line with achieving my dream career, I studied Biology during my undergraduate program in Stony Brook University. After graduation in 2012, I did voluntary job at the Pharmacy in the Interfaith Medical Center. I gained skills such as dispensation of drugs, administration of drug therapies, and proper use of different drugs for better prognosis of disease. Furthermore, I helped in packaging and labeling of medication, mixing various intravenous fluids and dispensing medications. All these I did under the supervision of the pharmacy technician. In the same year, I volunteered as a worker at Cobble Hill Health Center, Nursing Unit. I assisted the nurses in performing their duties and providing health education to patients. I also volunteered at the New York Blood Center, where I checked in donors, assembled specimen tubes and escorted and communicated with donors when appropriate. Between August and October 2013, I volunteered as a pharmacy assistant at the Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center. My work was supervised by the Pharmacist and Technicians in the pharmacy department. My job included filling prescriptions, checking expiry dates, restocking medication and labeling and repackaging of medication. The experience I have from my voluntary work has equipped me with the skills I require as a pharmacy student. I believe I will find it easier to fully integrate into your program without difficulty.
I understand the great significance of education in the establishment of a firm foundation for building my career and life. I will gladly appreciate your consideration for my application and I promise to remain a hardworking and disciplined student.

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