Good Example Of Modernism Case Study

Published: 2021-06-21 23:44:57
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The book, the razors age has displayed the issue of modernism, which is characterized by a breed of stressful people in need of psychological healing. In an effort to find solutions to their problems, people resort to all manner of lifestyles like technological inventions, which in turn worsen their situations more. The main character in the novel, who is Larry tries to overcome loss and trauma after world one. He could not find any satisfaction in physical relationships. The story is a reflection of the many activities that people in the modern world engage in just to satisfy their empty soul. Such issues as technological inventions and a busy working environment increase problems rather than their intended purpose of solving them. It however takes quite some time before a person realises that what they require is not necessarily physical but spiritual (Maugham 87).
It is believed that the happiest and most satisfied people are those who chase after spirituality rather than material wealth. It is a journey where a person connects his or her spirit to that of a sovereign being. However, before a person reaches such a level of desiring spiritual food, they must have gone through moments of testing and ultimately discovery. Modernism is creating more problems in form of finding solutions to prevailing issues (Maugham 65). It is a cycle that each human being will have to go through until when they realise that their solution is in finding God. There is also the issue of having friends who can inspire one towards a fulfilling spiritual life. Such friends have become rare especially with everyone busy at accomplishing something. The most important times where one has to spend with the family have been taken for granted. This is one of the reasons many people are stressed as they lack the human social part of life.
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Maugham, W. Somerset. The razor's edge. Random House, 2000.

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