Good Example Of Domestic And International Terrorism Course Work

Published: 2021-06-21 23:46:40
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An act of terrorism which takes place within the boundaries of a country by its own citizens against fellow citizens may be defined as domestic terrorism. On the other hand, international terrorism constitutes those acts of terrorism carried out by people who are not natives of the victim country. Therefore, it can be suggested that those terrorist activities which are strategized within a country is labeled as domestic, whereas, foreign intervention in directing terrorist activities is categorized as international terrorism.

The Oklahoma City bombings of 1995 were the largest organized domestic terrorism activity within the United States. Within 90 minutes of the bombings Timothy McVeigh was arrested for unlawful possession of weapons followed by the arresting of Terry Nichols by the forensic department. Both these individuals were linked to the explosions. However, as part of the formal investigation conducted by the FBI 28000 interviews were carried out and consequently, one billion pieces of information were collected. (Testimony, 2002)

First responders can act as role models for the entire community except being able to protect their own families. These people can be trained about building an emergency kit and a family emergency plan. Along with this they need to be able to have a contingency plan in case any disaster strikes. As terrorist attacks can happen anywhere anytime, therefore, first responders need to be trained in handling such situations by putting them through simulated situations.


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