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Published: 2021-06-21 23:50:08
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Improving Quality of Health Care While Cutting On Costs
This paper will make use of mixed methods of data collection. There is a growing awareness in the benefits of merging qualitative and quantitative methods to health research. Mixed methods research is also fitting when assessing complex interventions in healthcare. A mixed methods approach yields to more comprehensive analysis of data unlike either purely qualitative or quantitative methodologies. The logic for utilizing mixed methods is based on the assumption that the weaknesses in one method will be offset by the strengths of the other (Farquhar,, 2011). Furthermore, there is evidence that mixed methods research is also increasing in popularity in accounting research as it offers opportunities for both theory building and theory testing (Grafton,, 2011).
This study is causal-explanatory in design as it attempts to explain and correlate the variables that are affecting healthcare expenditures. Huang (2013) suggests the use linear regression to qualitatively analyze factors of healthcare expenditure from both the demand side and the supply side. To give context and further flesh out the statistical results, the qualitative aspect of the methodology will make use of focus group discussions (FGDs) with different stakeholders in the healthcare industry supply chain. A focus group consists of around six to ten participants, usually belonging to the same stakeholder group. A facilitator will then guide the group in the exchange of ideas, experiences and best practices. Focus group discussions have been successfully used to evaluate perceptions of quality in primary healthcare (Papp,, 2014). Other methods will be less effective because they will not be as extensive in gathering data.
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