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Published: 2021-06-21 23:46:07
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During the course of the job shadow, observe the professional in action and conduct an interview.

Accumulate such information as:
- Interviewee’s name, job title, name of employer

Interviewee’s name: Paisley Hardman.

- Job responsibilities: The DPT evaluates, treats multiple and neurologic conditions, and supervises supportive personnel in an outpatient setting.

- Job requirements, i.e., education, training, qualifications

The following are three major requirements for a physical therapist. First, for one to become doctor of physical therapy, they need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from a credible physical therapist program. The total length of professional physical therapist is usually seven years. Some of the courses taken during coursework would include physical sciences, physical education, and biological sciences. Other specialized units include examination procedures, disease manifestations, human growth and development, and therapeutic procedures (APTA 1).

Secondly, the government requires that all DPTs first receive their practicing licenses. These come from the Federal of States Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT) upon passing a regulated physical therapy examination. Licensed physical therapists have the professional obligation of attending workshops and educational classes to keep their licensure (APTA 2).

Lastly, successful DPTs should have most of the following traits. First, they need a stamina that can let them stand on their feet and move without help. Second, DPTs need an excellent dexterity to facilitate their performance of manual therapy. Third, DPTs should not only be compassionate, but also possess excellent interpersonal skills. Last, great DPTs are those with excellent observational and analytical skills. These traits come in handy when diagnosing problems and evaluating the effectiveness of procedures under administration (APTA 3).
- What the person enjoys most about the job

The activity that Paisley enjoys most about her job is working with people and getting them better.

- What the person enjoys least about the job

The activities that Paisley enjoys least about her job as a physical therapist are doing paper work and insurance.

- Any other information which would give a window into this profession

Based on my observation, physical therapy presents itself as an interesting profession with a strong practical and theoretical foundation. It relies on various clinical application in restoring, maintaining, and promoting optimal body function. Therefore, on a typical working day, a physical therapist does the following. First, they diagnose and manage movement disabilities to enhance functional and physical abilities. Second, they engage in the restoration of their patient’s physical function in terms of health and movement.

Fourth, they advise their patients on how to prevent disabilities, functional limitations and impairments. These usually come from disorders, diseases, injuries among other unhealthy conditions. Fifth, they takes their clients’ medical histories, conduct system reviews, and perform measures to diagnose existing problems. Last, based on their judgments, they offer interventions, conducts re-examinations, and implement discharge plans. All these duties and responsibilities necessitate the achievement of expected professional and personal goals.

Indeed, physical therapists play an important function as leaders in promoting physical health. Their services go beyond hospital facilities to encompass home health agencies, nursing homes, workplaces, sports and fitness establishments, educational institutions, and private homes. Present day patients demand the services of qualified therapists for the management of numerous conditions. In most cases, patients would choose therapy over surgery as they appreciate the talented practical approach that comes with the professional.

Work Cited

APTA. PT Careers; Physical Therapist Careers Overview. 3 March 2013. 25 November 2013.

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