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Published: 2021-06-21 23:46:00
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The article, “Ukraine Army Launches Assault on Rebel Stronghold,” elaborates the launch of the first assault on the rebel territory in the eastern city of Slovyansk. These come after the Russian uprising that proves the country to fighting. Ukraine remains united and powerful to obscure attacks from the Russian actions. The acting president marshals the country’s forces to protect the eastern side since the protests are not peaceful. Ukrainian government remains adamant to uphold the law to disarm and limit the provocation of the violence.

The concept of this article demonstrates is the power that has the definition to influence others and impose a will on them. The Ukrainian forces launch their first major assault on the rebel stronghold that results in many deaths on the pro-Russia mobs. Pro-Ukraine mob attacks a pro-Russia mob and forces them to seek refuge in a government building.

The article depicts power as the acting president; Oleksandr Tuchynov says the action will protect the civilians from mercenary attacks from the militia and the terror groups that threaten the livelihood of people towards a stable country of Ukraine. The Ukrainian army attacks Slovyansk during the day to provoke one of the largest military fighting since the hostile situation began.

Ukraine Army Launches Assault on Rebel Stronghold (2014, May 2). The Washington Post retrieved

The article, “Clashes in Eastern Ukraine as Moscow Issues New Warning,” explains the situation in Slovyansk where Ukrainian soldiers remain on guard at the checkpoint against the pro-Russian stronghold. The Ukrainian forces have resumed their efforts to retake the rebel-controlled city by evacuating the armed separatists using armored vehicles, foot soldiers, and helicopters.

The concept of the article illustrates the power that depicts the ability to influence other people and impose will on them. The Ukrainian military and the police resume their effort to the rebel-controlled city upon declaration of the government as helpless. The Ukrainians force armed separatist is from the city close to confronting Moscow.

The article depicts power since Ukrainians seems to engage the combatants in an intense fight by cordoning the area against the military stronghold. The Ukrainian army has managed to capture most of the antigovernment militia to control the city. The army operates the street against any threat situation. The Ukrainian military has the ability of capturing and holding the separatists checkpoints to overlook the southern border.
Clashes in Eastern Ukraine as Moscow Issues New Warning (2014, May 2). The New York Times retrieved

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