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Published: 2021-06-21 23:42:06
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Report Plan: Analog Devices
Report Plan: Analog Devices
This report is a recommendation directed to Analog Devices (referred to as ADI), an American multinational company that specializes in semiconductor technology for various applications. ADI is primarily concerned with the manufacturing of Integrated Circuits (ICs) in electronic equipments.
One of the major markets for ADI is healthcare. Medical instrumentation, patient monitoring, medical imaging and home healthcare are some of the key areas it focuses on (Errico, 2010). The recommendation is concerned with the introduction of a specific product, a high-end PPG (photoplethysmograph) sensor, for research applications.
Photoplethysmography is a technique that has continued to offer insight into path-breaking medical applications (Belcaro & Nicolaides, 1995). Researchers have been looking for cheap, yet accurate PPG sensors, for exploring such applications. So far, very few companies offer PPG sensors which fit the bill for research. ADI, having one of the most sophisticated semiconductor technologies, can definitely come up with a sensor that can make a difference.
Since the construction of a PPG sensor is fairly simple, the main issue will lie in the fabrication technology used. A good design plan for a PPG sensor must ensure ruggedness, be easy-to-use for laboratory work, and have high sensitivity and accuracy. These factors require a dedicated design team, with the knowledge of the sensor requirements, as well as fabrication technology.
The most important information in this recommendation is concerned with PPG itself. The principle, working, limitations, and possible applications of this technique need to be understood. Next, an analysis of existing PPG sensors, their detailed specifications, and companies that manufacture them is required. The method to be used to collect this information is the studying of scholarly articles, ADI’s product development section, and comparative study of products from other leading manufacturers.
1) Is the need for a sophisticated PPG sensor justified?
2) Is such a sensor already available elsewhere?
2) Does ADI have the resources required to design and implement this new product?
Depending on the answers, the recommendation maybe laid out.
Belcaro, G., & Nicolaides, A. N. (1995). Laser-Doppler flowmetry: principles of technology and clinical applications. Handbook of Non-Invasive Methods and the Skin, 405-410.
Errico, P. (2010). Electronic Products: Enabling home healthcare. Retrieved February 16, 2011

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