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Published: 2021-06-21 23:49:25
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Problems are the turning points of life and can either make you or break you. At the age of 23 a young, dynamic sportsman was diagnosed with Cancer at that was the biggest setback clouded all the dreams, hopes and aspirations for future. I was born in Miami and grown up in Miami, and dreamt of becoming a sportsman. But life had different plans for me, at a very young age I was diagnosed with cancer and my battle with life began. Initially, I took life very casually whether it was my job, my relationships or my future but the tumultuous time battling with Cancer gave me time to introspect and realized that life is a gift given not to waste but to use judiciously on things of importance. I got a second life with a lot of perseverance, struggle and optimism and I committed myself to help the helpless. But the question hovered my mind was how can I make an impact in the world? Why would anyone need my help? Who am I? As it is said, “Curiosity is the mother of all inventions” I took a road to discover myself and landed up taking Psychology classes.
Psychology intrigued me as it offered insight into a man’s mind. It explained the behavior pattern of people, driving force behind every act and most importantly it gave a platform to spread goodwill and happiness in other’s life by changing other’s state of mind. I was 26 when I started with my graduated degree, juggling between my job and graduation I was trying to make both the ends meet. Cancer taught me never to give up and fight till the end, with an unwavering attitude I started attending classes along with the full time job but eventually, it led me to skip semesters because my job involved lot of travelling. I used to take summer maximize classes and take off’s from the job to cover the syllabus. But due to demanding hours at the job it was tedious to focus in the classes and I landed up taking classes associated with it, ironically this helped me as I was exposed to different fields of psychology such as Cognitive, Clinical, Behavioral, Counseling, Psychotherapy and helped me to clearly define and opt the field of my interest. Finally I graduated in 2009.
Life was very gracious on me all of a sudden and I was advanced to a very senior position in my job and I enjoyed what I did. Being a Human resource specialist I was able to apply all the techniques that I learnt on the colleagues, subordinates and customers. I used to observe their behaviors and listen to them and surprisingly people at my workplace shared their problem with me and accordingly, I used to give suggestions to them and to my supervisors on how to motivate the employees. My purpose of helping the people and bringing a change in their lives was getting fulfilled. An inner peace and satisfaction I felt when I helped people and it made me deeper and connected to self. I was happier and contented. Another field of psychology that intrigued me was Child psychology. A child is the most delicate and sensitive creature in the world and the most complicated creature to understand. I started with my classes and learnt a lot about infants, early childhood and other stages of child, from a newborn to transforming themselves to a competent exploring child a parent has a huge role to play. Child’s physical and cognitive development depends on the parents and these classes boosted my confidence and made me more sensitive to the needs of the child. For example, every parent wants his child to be well behaved and disciplined and for that parents take some assertive measures to make the child act in a certain manner. Punishing the child is most common way of making a child realize his folly and punishment works as a consequence of the child’s behavior. But in today’s world where children are aggressive is punishing the right way to tame a child and teach him discipline? No! It’s important for parents to understand the difference between discipline and punishment. Punishing child to correct undesirable, offensive behavior is punishment while discipline is to teach appropriate behavior to child. The most important thing is to appreciate or reward the child when the behavior is corrected. Act of rewarding or appreciating will be permanently stored in a child’s mind and he will repeat the behavior.
All this knowledge of dealing with children came into practice six months ago when I actually became father of a beautiful daughter. Now as I am equipped to deal with emotional, mental and physical development of a child, I feel all the more confident in taking care of my daughter and I am well aware of the phase she is going through and how I can help in her development. Studying psychology not only helped me bring a change in others life but it also nurtured me and made me what I am today. Now when I look at myself I am more courageous, patient and satisfied in my life than before. By losing out little selfishness in me and opening up to people not only made my relations stronger and cordial but people listen to me and take my advice on serious issues of their life. From a grumpy, demanding, selfish, carefree boy; I became a responsible, caring and selfless man with an aim in life.
Truly my illness was a blessing in disguise for me. A dark phase of my life pushed me to move forward and look beyond darkness and bring light not only in my life but also in others life. I am 29 now and work as a sales consultant in property management but my field of interest motivates me in every step I take and it helps to uplift the state of mind of people I meet and interact. We often chose the easiest way; make obvious choices with minimum risk and maximum return but my illness taught me to make the choices with high risk that involved lot of perseverance and dedication but as Robert Frost said in his poem Road not taken.” And I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference.” My only message to the readers out there is do not think how it will happen and do not underestimate your capabilities, even you will never understand how things happened. Just walk and walk with full determination and optimism, Help will come!

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