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Published: 2021-06-21 23:39:50
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Educators ought to have good behavior management skills when developing a behavior management plan for learners. Lack of this skill can spark negativity from the learners and this will bring more problems between the educators and learners as well as between learners themselves. According to Pamela A. Bechtel, Lisa A. Stevens and Christine E. W. Brett, in their work Tips for Dealing with Behavior Management Issues, in physical education bad behavior management skills on the part of the teacher can lead to either positive or negative situations (Betchel, Stevens & Brett).Teachers should factor in diversity when they are going about this process.
In order to reduce student behavior issues, teachers should have their behavior management plans in place; because they will act as a guiding tool that will enable them solve behavior issues among their students. They should then implement their plans consistently as this will ensure that their will achieve their goals. Students will react differently to new plans but then teachers should expect this and device mechanisms that will aid them handle the different reactions they will receive from learners.
Consistency will mean that learners will be exposed to this behavior management plan and over time, they will get used to it. Physical educators of P- 12 will have to use various tips and techniques that will ensure they achieve their goals. In fact, it calls on them understanding the needs of their learners and how to approach them. Failure to do so will lead to mixed and confusing reactions that may make them feel they have not achieved their intended goals. When students offer resistance and try to tempt the teacher, it is imperative that the teacher and this is when consistency is required.
Betchel, P. A., Stevens, L. A. & Brett, C. E. W. Tips for Dealing with Behavior Management Issues. PDF File

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