Good Example Of Article Review On Theories On The Revolution Of Social Order

Published: 2021-06-21 23:39:25
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- Emergence of sociology resulted from human curiosity that led to the evolution of a number of theories with different people trying to explain the social world in their views.
- The revolution of social order started in the eighteenth century due to the social uprisings that changed the state of social order.
- The social revolution changed how the humans and people around the globe viewed the society. The society is controlled by the people and people only.
- Before the different aspects of humanity believed that only the kings and God controlled the world, but these views changed.
- The American Democratic revolution fought for equality in 1776, and there was a French revolution in Europe meant to eliminate traditional social order.
- The transformation of social order affected and influenced capitalism. From feudalism management of land and authority the management changed to capitalism.
- In the eighteenth-century feudal system was everything and the order .land authority was in the hand of the owners (Lords)
- The lords delegated the works in the lands to their workers and the laborers also called the serfs got shares from the harvests as payment.
- After some time, the lands became a private property, and many of the workers in the lands lost their jobs forcing them to look for other jobs.
- The land owners began to put their whole efforts in production due to the expansion of the market demand for basic needs.
- The laborers who stayed in the lands worked and were paid for their work. They never got shares from the harvests.
- Industrial revolution began after the transformation of feudalism to capitalism. People worked for wages, not shares from harvests.
- The wealthy and affluent got interested in investments for manufacturing firms and the producers benefited by selling their produce.
- As science became the primary focus of industrialization people began to see the idea of progression through modern methods than traditional methods while researching the ways to study the society.
Hale, S. M. (1990). “An overview of Theories “. Controversies in Sociology, 1st Edition, Chapter 2, Pages 12-16. Mississauga, Ontario: coop Clark Pitman

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