Good Example Of Article Review On The Top Seven Online Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2014

Published: 2021-06-21 23:39:43
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Online marketing is also known as internet advertising. It involves using the internet to promote products and services. It also uses the internet to deliver information and promotional messages to consumers. This form of marketing involves email, social media and search engine marketing. It displays marketing information to both potential and current consumers.
The internet has a very huge effect on marketing. Many organizations nowadays use it to make their products visible to consumers. Since the brand name is very unimportant to consumers, most businesses have known this and have therefore, used the internet as a marketing tool. Following are the online marketing trends that are likely to dominate 2014 according to Forbes.
The first one is ‘Content Marketing will be bigger than ever’. Valuable content is one of the ways that most businesses are using to establish themselves to consumers. This is about giving the relevant information about their product or service to the consumers. This information may be insight or entertainment. This will enable a company to have a good rapport with its consumers. Most online marketing strategies involve use of articles, newsletters and articles about the company’s website. This enables a business to have a good reputation with other businesses and consumers.
The second one is ‘social marketing will require more diversity’. Some of the most social media are LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Such media enable businesses to have many options of producing a variety of content. This was not possible some years ago. However, with the changing world that is also changing the way marketers do their job, it is very important for a business to engage itself with other businesses through social media. This enables businesses to reach the maximum number of consumers. Other social media include Google+, Tumblr, Pincrest and Instagram. This also builds brand equity.
The third one is ‘Image-Centric Content will rule’. Since consumers are increasingly being hit by a number of advertisements, it is very significant for a business to have an n advertisement that is easily ‘digestible’. Thus, online marketing puts an emphasis on image. Imagers make the content of the advertisement recognizable. This is very beneficial because consumers and other businesses will be able to recognize a product.
The fourth online marketing tend that will most likely dominate 2014 is ‘Less will be more’. There has been a shift by consumers to prefer simple marketing rather than the in-depth one that has been used for ages. Big companies like Google and Apple are brands that put a value to simplicity, rather than complexity.
The fifth one is ‘mobile friendly content will be necessary. Since smartphones and tablets are increasingly becoming popular with people, it is very important for companies to create content that is accessible through the mobile phones. Thus, providing users with mobile friendly content will be a step towards being ahead of their competitors.
The sixth one is ‘Ad Retargeting will Grow in Effectiveness’. This strategy just got popular recently. it is about using browser cookies to track the websites that users visit the most. When the users visit the websites, when they revisit them, a form of advertisement will appear.
The seventh and final online marketing trend that will likely dominate 2014 is ‘SEO and Social Signals Will Become Even More Intertwined’. Though social signal do not carry as much weight as traditional inbound links, it is obvious that they are used a lot in ranking. For instance, Google is a search engine whose goal is to provide users with the most quality of information. The more the number of people sharesinternet information, the higher its quality is supposed to be. This trend is likely to set the pace in 2014.

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