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Published: 2021-06-21 23:35:17
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The Chinese principle of Yin-Yang emphasizes the balance and harmony between two different and often contradictory forces. A simple example is day and night. In much the same way, Santa Clara University's mission-vision statement emphasizes a balance between two seemingly different principles of competence and compassion. I cherish and admire competence and compassion as the two qualities that can get human life close to divinity. Thus, Santa Clara University's mission-vision principles of competence and compassion resonate very well with me, attracted me to seek higher education and admission to Santa Clara University.
The principles of competence are not only a given, but the key aspect of any learning institution. Universities that truly care about the nation's future strive to train people who will the lead the way into that future. They do this by developing a love of learning within individuals; nurturing not just their bodies, but their minds and hearts and encouraging them to realize their fullest potential. They teach students to ask the right questions and guide them to think and analyze. This is one select aspect of competency that I chose to emphasize in this assay. Needless to elaborate, competence can be related to all aspects life.
However, competence it is only one-half of the total equation. Compassion forms the other half and an essential component of human existence and life. I believe in a delicate balance between competence and compassion.
Competence has the potential and can be used to harm, hurt, or insult people if it is not tempered by compassion. I define compassion as applied to kindness—specifically, the genuine desire to attempt concretely in making someone else's life a little better. It comes from the heart while competence originates from the mind. An individual who combines both compassion and competence will be an unstoppable force for good things in society and cultures.
It is said that deep calls unto deep. Santa Clara University is doing precisely this by being a leader in the field of leadership development and training. Students who will develop to use competence and compassion can be true leaders and usher in a beautiful future. These are the kinds of people who shape the humanity and societies with the greatest vision and the grandest version of themselves. It is deep my heartfelt desire to be one of them educated and trained at Santa Clara University.

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