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Published: 2021-06-21 23:47:37
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1. An alien on Mars can be able to detect life on the planet earth. The earth’s atmosphere contains plenty of oxygen and methane that exists naturally there. These gases can be detected by spectroscopy whereby the light reflected off the earth is split into the different colors that it is composed of. Then the elements present on the planet earth are established according to the colors that the elements emit and absorb. These elements present enable scientists to know the existence of life on earth. This unique method of detecting life on earth is according to the European southern observatory. One method of detecting biological activities involves the use of liquid mixture that contains a reagent of first indicator and a spectrum of first absorption and a spectrum of second reagent. The second reagent is transformed by the prearranged biological activity. The instrument used for detecting the biological activities is the constant checking of electromagnetic radiation to find evidence of transmission elsewhere.

A. Eavesdropping is illegal interference to private communication. The reason why eavesdropping require a much more sensitive detective devices is that it aims at obtaining all the information in a communication and also to ensure that the device could not be easily found by others.

B. The SETI scientists attempt to record million of frequencies in order to evade the obstacles by the signals on the earth and the natural universe sources. This technique is different from the procedure used to tune the car radios to listen to the radio broadcast in that it only searches for purposeful broadcast while the SETI scientist searches for unintended leakages, for instance from alien communication.

2. A. An astronomer can determine the time of an original signal transmitted from a distant galaxy by first detecting their distance from the earth using the filter that passes through light with narrow wavelength range. Then use the concept that light from distant galaxies have unique wavelength to calculate the time.

B. The possible reason why the H-OH microwave frequency was chosen is may be because it assists in the determination of the wavelength of the radio frequency used.

3. Immersion of a small container with cold water inside into a pot of boiling water without letting the liquids mix and the source of heat being put off does not result to boiling of the cold water. The explanation given is that water particles in the boiling pot move faster when there is heat supply. The heat gives the particles kinetic energy and hence faster movement. But when the heat source is cut the particle movement is reduced hence the temperature difference between the container and the pot gradually decreases with time. The transfer of heat is as a result of temperature difference, which may not happen in this case because of the cut of the heat supply. The water in the boiling pot loses heat with time and therefore it is not possible to boil the cold water in the immersed container.

4. Since the pressure in Mars is very low and water is mostly in solid form or gases, an astronomer can possibly boil an egg by altering the pressure on the mars surface. The astronomer can use skating equipment to raise the level of pressure therefore turning ice into liquid water. Putting the ice into the liquid water and further skating to increase the level of pressure on the surface would cause the water to reach the boiling point hence the egg is boiled.

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