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Published: 2021-06-21 23:48:31
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Question 1

Despite being a very hardworking person, I tend to procrastinate a lot. This means that I plan to do something but I have a very hard time actually starting the task even if it is a simple task such as doing the dishes, cleaning my room or starting on an assignment. This mostly leads to me doing my work late and not very well because of the great pressure that I normally have when I start a task late.
The most important thing about setting goals is actually doing achieving them in the allocated time. Since I procrastinate a lot, my goals should have a short deadline so as to reduce the amount of time that I think I have before working on them. I also need to set a series of small goals that lead to a bigger goal rather than just one big goal that will paralyze me and make it impossible for me to even start working on it. Procrastination is the thing about me that I always have to consider when setting goals since it determines whether or not I even start working on my goal.

Question 2

My mum wants me to be different things depending on what her friends tell her that their successful children are doing. There was a time she wanted me to be a banker like her friend’s daughter, then a lawyer because she heard that it is a well-paying career and now she wants me to be a journalist because it brings fame and one gets to travel a lot. My dad wants me to have a family and also have a stable career of my choice.
My friends expect me to become a fashion designer since I am very interested in the latest trends while my teachers expect me to be a lawyer because I make logical arguments.

Question 3

Seeing a parent struggling in a job that doesn’t interest them can influence a child to seek out a career that satisfies and makes them happy so as to avoid similar frustrations.
Growing up in a family that has a business either a grocery shop or a huge company influences children to go into business careers especially if their parents involve them in the running of the business from an early age.

The most important value in my family was religion, we were to put God first in everything that we did and obey all the commandments in the bible in order to get blessings from heaven. My parents believe that religion is the key to success in all spheres of life.
The second value in my family is discipline, this means personal discipline and respect for yourself and others especially those that are older.
The third value is education, my parents expected me and my siblings to work very hard and get a university degree.

The fourth value was a stable career path that will enable us to fend for ourselves and our families.

The fifth value is having respect for family and getting our own families in the future.
The sixth value is sports, hobbies and other interests.

I would put sports, hobbies and interests at number four right after education; this is because if hobbies, sports and interests are developed into careers they have the potential to produce the most fulfilling and well paying careers.

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