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Published: 2021-06-21 23:45:29
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Negative global issues

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking occurs as one of the critical global issues that have generated varied debates across various settings all over the world. Recent researches postulate that close to twenty one million people are trafficked annually across the world. Human trafficking has evolved into a global concern based on the fact that it results in coercion, and abuse of vulnerable populations including children and women. In addition, most of the people who fall prey of human trafficking are moved to various parts of the globe where they are forced to engage in inhuman acts such as prostitution. On another note, the victims of human trafficking are engaged in different severe forms of servitude such as forced labor (Bhargava, 2006). This analysis justifies the fact that human trafficking is a global menace that should be addressed in a timely manner.

Drug trafficking

Another global issue that has evolved to become a global menace is drug trafficking. Since a long time ago, all the countries around the globe declared drug trafficking a global issue. As such, different strategies were devised aimed at controlling illegal drug trade. However, these strategies have failed based on the fact that a new crop of rogue drug trafficker emerged. These traffickers will do all that is within their reach to ensure that they continue with their illegal trade on drugs. Various national governments have instigated different programs aimed at dismantling illicit drug trade, but these programs have attained marginal success (Bhargava, 2006). Overall, drug trafficking is a critical issue across the globe as it has had severe impact on social and economic growth all around the world.

Positive global issues


While much has been hypothesized regarding the severe effect of emerging global issues, it is essential to note some of these global issues are beneficial. Globalization occurs as one of the emerging global issues that are beneficial. Globalization refers to the process of merging various issues such as trade all over the globe (Bhargava, 2006). Globalization is beneficial in a number of ways. More importantly, it has resulted in opening up of borders across the globe. This has enhanced the mutual interaction between people from various parts of the world. In addition, globalization has made the world a global business herb; which has boosted the economic productivity of different countries.


Bhargava, V. K. (2006). Global issues for global citizens: An introduction to key development challenges. Washington, D.C: World Bank.

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