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Published: 2021-06-21 23:46:51
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Strategy implementation is a core business operation, which enables companies to increase their output sales. Different strategies call for different actions. The IBM Company is a multinational corporation and its strategies procurements incorporate some of the measures discussed in topic 8.

The IBM Company occasionally restructures its existing strategies in order to improve effectiveness with relation to economic changes. These economic changes include growth of services, increasing competition and accelerating globalization.

The company believes that continued strategy planning has helped the company save costs. Some of the vital goals of the company include; supplier diversity and supplier security. Further, the IBM Company integrates its supply chain with core values consisting of its own workers, technology and processes that in turn provide security for the company’s goods and services. The key elements of the company’s strategy development incorporate innovation, strategic market place drivers, procurement business designs and corporate strategic intent (Pani & Amit, 82).

The IBM Company strategy implementation incorporates both the internal staff and external staff, which creates efficiency. The company adjusts to market changes in terms of technology and supply chain, which enables the company to achieve the set goals. The company’s synergy incorporates coordinated strategies within the company and also pooled negotiation power between the company and the suppliers. The procurement structure used by the company is flexible and dynamic to adjust with market changes. Further, the company employs a matrix structure in order to enhance efficiency of its procurements. In addition, the company frequently reengineers its procurements using the six sigma method.

The IBM Company uses a reliable strategy implementation plan that enables it to succeed in the economy. Proper market research is the most essential element in economic success. Good strategy implementation plans also play a vital role together with good management of the business processes. Managers should be aware of the risk involved and thus flexible supply chain is ideal for dynamic markets.

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