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Published: 2021-06-21 23:46:44
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At the onset of Nehemiah’s story is the picture of Jerusalem’s wall destroyed. In ancient times, the wall of kingdoms and cities are very important for the security and peace of the people. Being used by God, Nehemiah had seen a vision of a better future for the city of Jerusalem. He inspected the area of the walls, and called for the leaders of the nation.

Seeing the condition, he was motivated to make an action. It is important to note that Nehemiah’s vision is not something imaginary but a clear and realistic understanding of matters. Although not everyone will be called leaders like Nehemiah, I am aware that I will be making decision and actions that involve others in my life. As parents, my husband and I are supposed to make plans for the family – financial structure of family, way of living, education of children, etc.

Making decisions is hard, but like Nehemiah, our perspective should include an honest view of our present state (such as resources), an optimistic view of the future, and a certain plan of action. Also, I cannot make a better home by myself as Nehemiah could not by himself. Just as Nehemiah’s vision stirred up the entire nation to action, the family should work together with each one doing his/her own responsibilities to build a godly and model family.

Further, my [personal] legacy is in my womanhood in the church and in the family. There is no more fulfilling and rewarding “work” for a woman than to be a godly and loving wife to a husband, a caring and protecting mother to her children, and a faithful mentor and model for other women in the church. Nehemiah’s work of faithfulness brought revival to the nation during his time. Likewise, if I remain faithful to becoming a woman of God, as clearly laid down in the Bible, the legacy of godliness will also be passed on to younger women and to my children.


Hindson, Ed. Courageous Faith: Life Lessons from the Old Testament Heroes. Tennessee: AMG Publishers, 2003.

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