Good Course Work About Lady Macbeth Learns That Macbeth Is To Become King

Published: 2021-06-21 23:47:30
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The exposition of a written piece of work such as a play or a novel is the part that describes who, what, when, where, why. In the exposition the reader gets to know the main characters of the story. This happens in ACT ONE and is when the Macbeth meets the witches after being victorious on the battlefield. In Act One Scene Three, Macbeth meets the witches and they till him that he will be king. Rising Action: The rising action refers to the part in a story where there is a bunch of series of events going on before the huge climax of the written material or play. For example, in Macbeth this happens towards the end of Act One and the beginning of Act Two, when Lady Macbeth hears of the news that Macbeth will become king and they play to murder Duncan. Here there is also the plot to kill Banquo and the division between the Macbeth’s.Climax: The Climax of the story is the most exciting part of the written material or play. It is the crucial turning point where the main protagonist moves towards his end goal. In Macbeth, this is where Macbeth kills Banquo.

This happens in Act Three Scene Three. Banquo dies and now the repercussion start to happen. Falling Action: The Falling action of a story or epic journey is the series of events that take place between the climax of the story and the hero’s eventual end (Whether it be good or bad). In Macbeth, this is when Macduff, Fleance and Malcolm come back to the aid of their fallen friends, Duncan and Banquo. This happens in ACTS four and five, where Macbeth and Macduff meet at the end of it ACT five. Resolution:The final ending to the story or play. This is where everything comes together for the end. As with most Shakespeare plays this is the tragic end of the hero. In Macbeth, this is where he is slain by Macduff and order is restored to Malcolm. Plot AnalysisAs you read the scenes in this lesson, take notes on important events in the story. Provide the line or lines from the play that relate to the event. Stop and think for a moment about why that event is important for the story and add your thoughts in the space provided.Choose a minimum of three events. From Macbeth using the following for eachEvent:Exposition: Macbeth is made aware that he becomes king. Text Support: ACT ONE, SCENE III LINES 50-70Why is it important to the story?:This is important to the story because this is where it really sets up the conflict. Here the prophecy says that Macbeth is to be king, thane and cawdor. This means that Macbeth, as his character is highly ambitious, doesn’t want to wait to be king so it sets up the line of murders that Lady Macbeth gets him to do to become king.

Text Support: Act One, Scene Five Lines 15, and 38-41

Why is it important to the story?: This is one of the most crucial parts of the story. Partly because Macbeth really has spine and can’t commit the murders himself so that he may become the successor. He says that he is “too full of th’milk of human kindness to make himself king” (Line 15). Lady Macbeth, hungry for power, convinces him to murder Duncan. Here is where Macbeth starts his bloody trail to becoming King, all at the word of Lady Macbeth.

Event: Climax: Macbeth Kills Banquo

Text Support: Act Three, Scene Three
Why it’s Important to the Story?:This is highly important to the story because it is the last thing that Macbeth needs to make sure that he stays King. Earlier in the beginning of the play the Witches prophesized that the heirs of Banquo would become King, and so killing banquo he ensures that his family will remain in power. He also no longer feels guilty about murdering people. Fleance gets away and tells of Macbeth’s madness.

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