Good Course Work About Competencies For Master If Arts Teacher

Published: 2021-06-21 23:48:52
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The following are the required competencies for a Masters of Arts in teaching. Professionally, one has to have professional curriculum standards and be able to integrate higher levels of skills in thinking and instructions. One has to demonstrate accurate content masterly and be able to link it with the past, present and future learning experiences as well as the relationship of such content with other subjects.

One has to also understand the social, emotional, intellectual and physical development of the age group IL/PB. In instructional planning, use of data guides in planning is required. Realistic pace and masterly of content as well as proper transitions are also required. Objectives and resources have to be in line with the curriculum with well long-term and short term plans that are in agreement with the students’ learning needs.

In instructional delivery, the teacher has to be able to maintain students active and engaged throughout the learning. Various instructional methods can be used according to the needs of the learners. Use of effective instructional strategies and technology is required with clear communication and continuous checks of understanding. The teacher should be able to use pre-assessment to know the learners expectation and use both formative and summative assessments that guide and inform, in making necessary learning adjustments.

On learning environment, the teacher should be able to ensure that he classroom is well arranged. The teacher needs to establish rules and procedures and enforce them consistently and fairly and be culture sensitive. Students’ academic progress has to be well documented and within acceptable measurable goals. Evidence of achievement has to be well documented. The teacher has to communicate the progress to the students. The teacher also has to display a sense of responsibility, culture sensitiveness, reflective practice as well as professionalism in all actions.

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