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Published: 2021-06-21 23:45:41
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Psychologist claim that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is due to distress in human maladaptive thinking (Gillian, 2008). CBT focus on thoughts and feelings of a patient and does not rely on past information. Therapist that administer CBT emphasize on supervision in their ethical practice to ensure good relationship with the client. The therapist has to use power to assist the patient. The CBT model permits the objectivity of the therapist in the fulfillment of the client needs. This model allows the therapist to act in the best interest of the client (Gillian, 2008). The CBT model permits the therapist to educate the client, when the client fails to respond to requests.

In some instances, the therapist fails to take responsibility and this affects the client. In other instances, the client fails to respond to medication and behaves contrarily to the CBT model. The model presents an unquestioning belief that lead to therapeutic failure due to client misapplication of instructions given. The therapist uses power and authority to oppress the client. Beck (1982) offers that the patient undergoes suffering in the CBT model that lead to self-defeating behavior.

The therapist makes judgments that represent the norms in the society. The therapist aims to conform to social ideologies concerning the client. Normative rules in the society change the perception of the client concerning the world.CBT is an integral process that seeks to normalize the discourse. CBT model aims to socialize the client into cognitive therapy by explaining normative rules in a social context (Gillian, 2008).

The CBT model permits group effort to collect information and give appropriate feedback. It is the duty of the therapist to initiate and encourage interaction. This helps develop trust and encourage compliance with the client. The CBT model takes no account of power issues due to social structural positions. The focus of CBT does not ignore social structure positions and power in their lives.


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