Good Case Study About Exercise 1(Network Diagram)

Published: 2021-06-21 23:42:54
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Decision making is an important aspect from the viewpoint of an organization and it usually assess such techniques and models from which the stance of decision making could have been performed and done in an effective and well organized manner. In an organization, upper management is held responsible for the decision making stance in particular. Apart from the knowledge and information, significant for the upper management to take vital and timey decisions, the name of utilizing graphs, animated pictures and even diagrams are some of the major and widely used tools used to assess how valuable a project is for an organization. According to the upper management graphs, networks and diagrams are some of the major aspects from which decisions could have been taken accordingly. It is important for an organization to analyze the level of variability with the help of different tools and techniques in particular. It is an obvious fact that managerial official don’t have sufficient time to read out all of the content completely, and that is why they took graphs and diagrams into consideration for the analysis.
Apart from the charts and graphs, network diagrams is one of the major aspects that used by the organizations to analyze the effectiveness of a thing. Network diagram has a tendency to analyze the major sequence of an activity in particular. An appropriate and effective network diagram would always be required and effective for the sake of an organization. The main theme of this paper is to read out a network diagram which has different activities associated with it. There are two different diagrams which needed to be examining accordingly. Both of the diagrams have its effectiveness in particular and the network diagram which is intending to analyze in this project is mentioned below
Apart from this network analysis, it is also required to define figure 6.1 as well, which is mentioned below
Total Slack of Activity F has the highest one, which is 7, while 5 of the activities have similar slack of 2 which are activities A. C, D, G and Activity I. From the above mentioned diagram, it is found that the activity has the tendency to be completed in a given time frame and thus it is effective for Project X as well.

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